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Breathing relevance into the Presidency
Editorial 07-05

Since becoming President of the Republic, former social policy minister Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca has certain...
A bold step in the right direction
Editorial 05-05

Even if it comes late in the day, it is welcome news if Parliament takes the step to debate a policy for the p...
Spring hunting issue far from settled
Editorial 30-04

 Despite a meagre season for migration this spring, hunters still managed to pepper the season with irreg...
Migration requires a long-term vision
Editorial 28-04

After so many years of virtually ignoring the issue, it makes a welcome change that Europe finally intends to ...
Human trafficking is the symptom, not the cause
Editorial 23-04

EU heads of state and government will convene in Brussels tomorrow for an extraordinary summit, to discuss an ...
Councils: Something to think about
Editorial 21-04

Traditionally, opposition parties have always fared better at council level; yet it was also not expected of t...
The battle was lost, but not the war
Editorial 16-04

The Maltese electorate has now endorsed the view that Malta should derogate from the European Wild Birds Direc...
A step away from gender prejudice
Editorial 14-04

Primarily, this bill gives legal recognition to a class of people who were previously denied any official stat...
Why we ask you to vote no
Editorial 09-04

This issue goes beyond party politics. The disproportionate sense of empowerment among the most lawless of the...
The sky’s the limit
Editorial 09-04

There are other objections to high-rise in Malta which are not based on irrational fears alone
It’s not just about birds
Editorial 07-04

It is difficult to imagine a more direct challenge to the principles of democracy, than a threat to overturn a...
A European election without Europe
Editorial 05-04

All along, both parties have successfully projected the image that they are cut off from the realities affecti...
A culture of responsibility-shirking
Editorial 02-04

Both political parties seem to be locked in a permanent tit-for-tat mentality, which ignores the more pressing...
A challenging time for the Church
Editorial 31-03

It is no secret that the Church Archbishop Charles Scicluna inherited has been going through a particular...
People should decide, not politicians
Editorial 25-03

Joseph Muscat's treatment of the hunting referendum has politicised the debate, in what is a betrayal of t...