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When the gunsmoke fades
Editorial 11-12

Incoming Home Affairs Minister Carmelo Abela should pay close attention to the glaring administrative sho...
Energy plan still clouded by uncertainty
Editorial 09-12

The public needs greater reassurance that this reduction is, in fact, doable in the present economic climate
Not business as usual
Editorial 04-12

Prime Minister Muscat has so far resisted taking any decision, arguing that the inquiry must be concluded...
Resignation culture still missing
Editorial 01-12

By any standard this is a serious matter, and Mallia cannot claim to be entirely innocent, even if entirely ex...
A budget overshadowed
Editorial 26-11

In Busuttil’s speech there was an echo, however distant, of Eddie Fenech Adami’s 1986 declaration ...
Ministerial responsibility by all means
Editorial 24-11

 To say that the minister or any senior aide who is responsible in the ministry, should not resign becaus...
A state of the nation speech
Editorial 18-11

The days ahead will surely lead to further discussion and scrutiny of the budget and a more profound examinati...
Precarious work needs full-time solution
Editorial 18-11

Action needs to be taken at both local (government) and international (EU) level, with a view to ensuring that...
Standing up to the ODZ threat
Editorial 13-11

The fact that a government entity is entertaining ideas about hotels on ODZ also raises questions on land recl...
Time for a reform of broadcasting
Editorial 11-11

Attesting to the difficulty of this challenge is the fact that the TPPI report constitutes but one of many att...
Justice is not just for political parties
Editorial 06-11

It is increasingly clear from the way the party financing argument is being presented that the ‘injustic...
Air Malta losses a déjà vu
Editorial 02-11

Tough and politically unpopular decisions have to be taken to safeguard an airline that is, at the end of the ...
First steps towards regeneration
Editorial 30-10

The PN cannot expect to remain liberal with the liberals, and conservative with the conservatives. It must try...
Why Malta needs the Fourth Estate
Editorial 28-10

The electoral result we saw in March 2013 was itself confirmation that the electorate had rejected that govern...
More questions than answers
Editorial 23-10

We are still in the dark as to the revised timeframes for the completion of the gas-fired station.