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Minimum standards for care of the elderly
Editorial 21-08

Given the demographic trends for the foreseeable future, and the implications on other aspects of public polic...
Compensation doesn’t address the problem
Editorial 19-08

The government cannot simply pick and choose whom to compensate in what circumstances, only on the basis of wh...
Employers sometimes abuse the system, too
Editorial 14-08

Not only has the MEA failed to address the serious issue of ongoing abuse of the system by certain employers: ...
Dealing with an increase in crime
Editorial 12-08

In a country where immigration has already exacerbated racist sentiment, it is all too easy to pin the blame o...
War is no time for political games
Editorial 07-08

Given the seriousness of the situation, the ongoing bickering between government and opposition over the Libya...
Of war crimes and double standards
Editorial 04-08

From a legal point of view, the apparent inability to take action contrasts very sharply with the internationa...
The other side of history
Editorial 31-07

Even without the benefit of hindsight, it was naïve to think – as many at the time suggested &ndash...
Of state funding and public trust
Editorial 29-07

The discussion on party financing should focus less on the possible benefits to the parties, and more on bolst...
No Plan B for Libya
Editorial 24-07

Evidently there is no point in keeping up the pretence that one can “deal with” the Libyan governm...
No toying with democracy
Editorial 21-07

In a democracy, the cancellation of an election at any level can only set alarm bells ringing.
Deafening silence on Israeli crisis
Editorial 17-07

We have seen how the same international community which responded so decisively in Libya has been reluctant to...
The cost of trade with China
Editorial 14-07

Surely a puritanical argument against trade and cooperation with countries which do not fit our definition of ...
An overdue step in the right direction
Editorial 09-07

No one can deny that our approach to this issue on a legislative level has to date been highly irrational: gui...
A culture of condoning irregularities
Editorial 07-07

Nowhere is this culture more visible than in the widespread cavalier disregard for planning policies and regul...
Not quite Dubai, but almost
Editorial 03-07

Comparisons are inevitable, and Muscat’s choice will surely have struck a slightly dissonant chord.