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Transparency was an electoral promise, too
Editorial 16-10

Such was Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s confidence before the election that he even said he would resign...
Health reforms must be transparent
Editorial 14-10

Concern has been expressed that the shift from public to private healthcare will be partly financed by taxpaye...
A new definition of ‘compromise’
Editorial 09-10

Democratic exercises such as elections and referendums are not subject to the whims and fancies of the prime m...
Libel as intimidation
Editorial 07-10

The message, this time emanating from the police and law courts as much as from the hunters themselves, is tha...
A disappointing performance
Editorial 01-10

By refusing to give any clear answers to specific questions, both Vella and the Commission president have sent...
Spring hunting referendum: No longer about the birds
Editorial 29-09

MaltaToday, The Times of Malta and the Malta Independent call for abolition of spring hunting in forthcoming r...
The hunting lobby has lost all credibility
Editorial 25-09

The tide of popular feeling has now decidedly turned against the hunters’ cause; and with a referendum o...
What makes us a nation?
Editorial 23-09

Even today, 50 years later, the fundamental question of what makes us a nation is not easy to answer.
Juncker’s risky Commission gamble
Editorial 16-09

Given the Commission’s unflattering history when it comes to Commissioners placing their nation state&rs...
Raise transport subsidies, not fares
Editorial 11-09

While Arriva did bring about positive improvements as regards pricing and greater discipline among drivers, it...
The controversy that won’t go away
Editorial 09-09

If the contracts were drawn up correctly, responsibility should be shouldered by the periti who certified the ...
Missing the wood for the trees
Editorial 09-09

Former Enemalta chairman Alex Tranter’s arraignment on misuse of the company credit card is a separate i...
Democracy is not just about money
Editorial 02-09

It is clear that the government-launched consultation process will amount to a stand-off between the three par...
Libya and the lessons of history
Editorial 28-08

It remains a fact that many of the insurgent militias – including those associated with the most extreme...
The taxpayer is owed an explanation
Editorial 27-08

So far, a Freedom of Information request for the workings of the €4.2 million evaluation has been denied;...