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A year of broken promises
Editorial 05-01

One does not uphold the principle of democracy merely to ensure that only one set of cronies divides the spoil...
Last chance to redeem
Editorial 03-01

On Joseph Muscat’s watch, Malta has earned a reputation for corruption and bad governance throughout Eur...
A conspiracy theory too far
Editorial 29-12

A sense of perspective would not be amiss. And this applies to the conspiracy theorists, too, who allege that ...
Unhappy New Year
Editorial 27-12

Wherever one looks, there are indications that the prevailing political and economic models have failed, ...
Mental health is a social, not just personal issue
Editorial 22-12

Society can never aim to be perfect but it should at least strive to be more just, more inclusive, and better ...
Christmas in Aleppo
Editorial 20-12

A long-term peaceful solution is not on the cards for the foreseeable future but for the sake of the innocent ...
Her boldest speech yet
Editorial 15-12

The President of the Republic yesterday delivered what many will agree was her most hard-hitting speech to dat...
Positions of mistrust
Editorial 13-12

In an atmosphere where public trust is constantly eroding, only full transparency can deliver a better and mor...
It’s about accountability and public standards
Editorial 08-12

FTS: The problem is of a systemic, recurring nature. Only a systemic overhaul with an emphasis on transparency...
Time to review citizenship laws
Editorial 06-12

Malta’s controversial IIP scheme is nothing less than obscene at a time when millions of people are tryi...
Our electoral system has broken down
Editorial 01-12

Malta cannot afford to go to another election without fixing its flawed electoral system once and for all
Education is an end in itself
Editorial 29-11

The new system promises to be more inclusive, and to restore the dignity of vocational subjects that were...
Tax cuts are not the only answer
Editorial 24-11

Tax cuts for middle earners may make a lot of political sense, but it remains a traditional approach to a...
Let’s not lose sight of humanity
Editorial 22-11

By courting the super-rich, and treating the lowest strata of society as criminals, the government is sending ...
Anger must be channelled, not ignored
Editorial 17-11

Moderate political parties must rediscover their own raison d’etre: if they continue to ignore popular a...