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Delusionally utopian or sound principles?
Letters 25-06

The conception of a feel-good factor is deceptive if it does not conform with the word of God and the Church&r...
The Cittadella Traineeship Scheme
Letters 23-06

The 100 figure of “new employees” stationed at the Ċittadella is factually wrong on two counts &n...
Arrogant denial of scientific truth
Letters 09-06

President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement is simply an arrogant abroga...
Disgruntled, yet hopeful
Letters 28-05

The movement led by Muscat brought about changes that were only promised in the past, but never delivered
A matter of public interest
Letters 26-05

The independence of the press, so cherished by my aunt, has been severely compromised by this 'takeover...
Similarities to Le Pen’s attempt to undermine rival
Letters 19-05

Besides Simon Busuttil’s copying of Marine Le Pen’s slogan 'Choose France', a vile story a...
Clearing up confused history
Letters 12-05

The false accounts of Christian anti-Semitism, persecution of pagans, the Dark Ages, crusading for land, loot ...
Banks lend depositors’ money, not their own
Letters 28-04

The extent to which banks have been supportive of the mortgage market is clearly evidenced by the increase in ...
More police needed in fight against poaching
Letters 21-04

Poachers don’t just shoot at protected birds, but they also gleefully shoot warning shots to ward off ra...
Stooges for PN propaganda
Letters 14-04

The feeble PN uses the English-language dailies in Malta to unremittingly firing salvos of often vitriolic inv...
Conviction or convenience?
Letters 05-04

It goes without saying that it would have made more sense for the Nationalist Party to discuss issues such as ...
The right to belong
Letters 01-04

Louise Chircop • The request for Islamic Studies is legitimate, not only because the students are Maltese...
Ethics surely deserves higher place in curriculum
Letters 31-03

As a basis, ethics and social studies should represent the civic values bedrock of the national curriculum, wh...
PPP: The healthcare con
Letters 24-03

Make no mistake: this is private profit at public expense. It is unaffordable, unaccountable and unjust
Wake up or lose your healthcare
Letters 22-03

Serious concerns have been raised by unions, doctors, other healthcare professionals, healthcare students, and...