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Europe: problems to the left of it, problems to the right
Letters 25-11

The truth is that the EU is not working well for every European nation
ARMS managers say there’s no eco-reduction of 25%
Letters 18-11

ARMS senior manager Nikita Zammit Alamango explained that the 25% reduction had nothing to do with a...
Paceville: Letter to Environment Committee MPs
Letters 14-11

Only Parliament has the power to ensure that any development projects are planned with the citizen at their ve...
Cutting down congestion: a proposal
Letters 24-10

Combating congestion using an even-, odd-numbered regstration plates system?
Clarification and correction | Saudi prince execution
Letters 20-10

Clarification and correction | Saudi prince execution
Untrue allegations on Malta boxing fight
Letters 20-10

Scott Dixon was the one who asked me to be Co-promoter for the event, and I saw a chance to show off some of T...
Panama inquiry should follow CapitalOne inquiry
Letters 19-10

Joseph Muscat should appoint a truly independent inquiry in order to find out where money that Keith Schembri ...
A week is a long time in politics | Alex Perici Calascione
Blogs 05-10

... and a political week is also a good way of judging politicians and their actions
The Muslims and our church
Letters 02-10

I admire Muslims for their devotion to their religion, but what about our churches?
Mother Teresa’s dubious ‘miracles’
Letters 25-09

Just as in the Dark Ages, the Church is always prompt to fill gaps in knowledge with superstitious beliefs
Amber lights at Sliema’s Strand
Letters 25-09

Traffic lights set to ‘flashing amber’ still provide a safe pedestrian crossing
Lost without rubbish skips in Valletta
Letters 16-09

What you don’t imagine is people not actually doing what you ask them to do, leaving their garbage at ni...
Naxxar trade fair grounds in a dire state
Letters 15-09

Residents in the street have to withstand the stench of the rubbish that has been left for at least eight week...
Not the time to ring bells
Letters 09-09

Regardless of what was going on in the church at 4,5 and 6am, I truly believe that it really wasn’t nece...
Destruction of Mellieha
Letters 09-09

We are all fully aware of what started this wanton destruction of our ‘fair land’ but aiding and a...