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Clarification on letters published 3 July 2016
Letters 04-07

An appreciation for a former UHM official carried the wrong surname
Benefiting from tax planning
Letters 04-07

This economic system is based on the belief that in a free economy with private ownership of resources, each i...
Mario Vella – Why I won’t repent
Letters 28-06

It is simply incredible that while this country is submerged under environmental exploitation and a host of po...
Letters 26 June 2016
Letters 26-06

Letters 26 June 2016
Montanaro, Drama Outreach inquiry by NGOs’ commission
Letters 26-06

DO Project categorically denies all of the accusations which result from the MaltaToday article
Open letter to C. Attard, who wants to ‘expose feminist narratives for the lies that they are’
Letters 21-06

An open letter letter from our secret academic ‘K.B.’ to the student of psychology Christopher Att...
Golf course at Bahar ic-Caghaq
Letters 19-06

The government should consider the great potential that the stretch of land at Bahar ic-Caghaq
To grin and bear it
Letters 19-06

I have always been on the defensive replying to Mr Guillaumier’s incessant vociferous unholy crusade
Do British expats wish to remain in the EU?
Letters 19-06

"I sincerely hope that come 24 June I will be able to enjoy my favourite meal – a full English Brex...
Questionable development at St Peter’s Pool
Letters 19-06

At St Peter’s Pool there are farmhouses that do not respect the original application
The two extra seats
Letters 19-06

I am not against that one day, the sooner the better, one or more members of the Greens will be in Parliament
Catamaran passengers deserve better customer service
Letters 19-06

The Virtu Ferries catamaran crossing to Pozzallo has no security checks at all
EC verified Maltese controls on animal feed
Letters 15-06

The MCCAA and the Agriculture Department reassure readers on the vigilance exercised by Maltese authoriti...
Expats, Brexit means uncertainty
Letters 15-06

Kevin Bonavia • It is in the interests of both Britain and Malta that Britain remains in the EU
British expats, do we want to remain?
Letters 08-06

Michael Turner • I still believe that a less centralised and more cooperative EU will be the best way for...