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Following a number of disappointing results, Balzan returned to winning ways with a 2-1 victory over Valletta.

BOV Premier League | Gżira United 3 – St Andrews 2

Gżira’s impressive start continued with a 3-2 win over St Andrews.

[WATCH] 25th edition of the Malta International Airshow

Audiences were treated to displays of air forces from 11 countries during the event

PD to contest by elections, admits it 'cannot succeed' in stopping Delia

Despite acknowledging that the party cannot win the by election, Partit Demokratiku has made the decision to contest the by election, arguing that its standards of good governance 'morally obliged them to intervene'

[WATCH] Two flamingoes found shot in one day

The second flamingo is being treated by local veterinarians, after the first flamingo had to be put down due to sustained injuries in its right wing

Fake news website reports Muscat has been hospitalised

Head of Communications Kurt Farrugia, Chief of Staff Keith Schembri and the Office of the Prime Minister have denounced the report.

Emergency traffic contact number set up ahead of first day of school

The number is just one of the initiatives taken by Transport Malta to ease traffic difficulties during the scholastic year

Updated | Jean Pierre Debono to resign as MP in Delia’s bid to take seat in the House

All seven PN candidates have announced that they will give their seat to Adrian Delia should they be elected | PN’s assistant secretary-general and MP Jean Pierre Debono will trigger a casual election on the 7th district so that Adrian Delia can take up his seat in the House

Yemen's President sees only a military solution to crisis

President Ali Abdullah Saleh addressed the UN General Assembly last week, where he revealed that military action, rather than political means will be used to end the civil war which began March 2015.

EU seeks €50 billion from UK for Brexit negotiations

The figure is more than double the amount offered by British Prime Minister Theresa May

Trump insults make rocket attack 'inevitable': N Korea

Remarks by the foreign minister of Pyongyang come hours after the US flew bomber jets near North Korea's coast as a show of force

Adrian Delia gives thanks to Debono, MP who will resign for leader’s co-option

PN leader Adrian Delia pays tribute to his backer Jean Pierre Debono, a newly-elected MP who will resign his seat to facilitate Delia’s co-option

Soul singer Charles Bradley, 68, dies

Soul singer Charles Bradley has died from stomach cancer

15-year-old boy run over in Żabbar

The boy is now suffering from grievous injuries

Cyclists should be allowed to use carriageway in tunnels: Bicycling Advocacy Group

The Bicycling Advocacy Group also pointed out that no footpaths have been modified to allow ease of access for cyclists, despite the group winning the right to use footpaths.

Updated | 56,000 students, 9,000 educators prepare to head back to school

State, church and private schools will reopen over the coming days, welcoming more than 56,000 students and 9,000 educators for a new scholastic year

[WATCH] Flamingo shot at Ħal Far, BirdLife demands action from government

BirdLife accuses Maltese government of adopting a nonchalant attitude with promises of reducing fines for poaching still being considered

Muscat: poverty stats shows reversal of damage done by Nationalist administration

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat on One Radio says latest poverty data shows economic growth is paying dividends

An inauspicious start

On 7 September – a week before his election – Delia said that co-option to Parliament was “no longer an issue”. Clearly, that was a lie