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World Cup Qualifier | Malta 1 – Slovakia 3
Football 22:39

Slovakia registered a 3-1 win against Malta who ended up in ten men for the third time in five matches.

FAA criticises assessment of proposed work at Sacra Infermeria

Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar questioned why the option of adapting under-used areas of St Elmo was not looked i...
PD urges government to buy back Manoel Island and turn it into a national park

Democratic Party says if government makes sure to collect the real value from other projects, it could use the...
Zabbar agritourism breached local plan but still got permit

The agritourism policy yardstick was not applied since owner is not a farmer, but the project was approved des...
Huge commercial hub proposed next to Zejtun’s Lidl

An application for a huge three-level retail centre foresees the 'rehabilitation' of the are...
Council stands up to ‘al fresco’ nightmare as restaurants take over parking spaces

The Marsaskala local council is calling on parliamentary secretary for lands Deborah Schembri to suspend ...
Developers avoid EIA with downsized Luqa project

GAP developers have dropped three of their five applications to develop apartments on a tract of open space in...
Approval to ‘finish off’ permitted development

The Tribunal found no reason to dismiss a request to renew a permit if the second application is submitted whe...
400-year-old San Anton Palace reservoir to be restored

Memorandum of Understanding for the restoration of a rainwater reservoir at San Anton Palace signed on World W...
Development on 18,000m2 rationalisation Marsaxlokk site approved

PA approves development in on a site in Marsaxlokk added to development boundaries in 2006 while rejecting sim...
Disposal of construction waste: minister to move legal notice to curtail illegal dumping

The Requisition of Excavation Voids Regulations (2017) will enable government to requisition any excavation vo...
Updated | Planning Authority turns down Durumblat development

The Planning Authority has rejected a three-floor development proposed for Durumblat road in Mosta 
[WATCH] Trapper caught red-handed threatens hiking group in Gozo

BirdLife footage shows trapper threatening to hurl a stone at a group of hikers who had stumbled upon his ille...
[WATCH] Malta to be reported to EU for 'de facto tolerance' of illegal trapping

CABS: 'It seems likely that the government is actively preventing police action upon trappers by limiting ...
Construction waste: government to seek measures against illegal dumping

Environment Minister says necessary steps will be taken to address the lack of space for construction waste
Backyard to Dwejra boathouse rejected

The erection of additional boathouses or other permanent structures is prohibited in Dwejra