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New EU law to force companies' ultimate beneficial owners out of the shadows
World 10:39

Anti-corruption campaigners have hailed the agreement as milestone in the fight against tax evasion and money laundering, but have highlighted the fact that trusts will mostly escape scrutiny.

Austria governing coalition to include far-right party

Sebastian Kurz, aged 31, who is set to become the next Austrian chancellor and Europe's youngest head of g...
It’s over... the PN’s coalition with Marlene Farrugia’s PD has been formally terminated

The Nationalist Party has announced its executive has approved the termination of the Forza Nazzjonali coaliti...
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle set royal wedding date

In a break with tradition, the couple have decided not to marry on a weekday, as with other royal weddings
Updated | Inmate with kidney disease still waiting for President's reply to appeal

In his application Christopher Bartolo stated that the conditions in jail, where he is being held, were 'n...
Motorcyclist seriously injured in crash with car

24-year-old man involved in motorcycle crash in Marsa with car driven by 27-year-old woman
Freeport foreman's acquittal on fraud charges confirmed on appeal

The court rejected the Attorney General's appeal on the grounds that when the case was assigned to a diffe...
Long-term migrants to be able to apply for permanent residence permit under new integration programme

Interested migrants can voluntarily apply to join the programme which will also include Maltese and English la...
74 vulnerable refugees evacuated from Libya in MOAS' first aerial mission

51 children, 22 women and one man who were yesterday taken out of Tripoli and flown to Niger can now ‘ho...
Hold-up on Tarxien lotto booth

Two robbers made off with cash after holding the lotto booth cashier and a client at knife point in busy Tarxi...
Updated | Brexit gets EU leaders' green light

EU leaders have given the go-ahead for talks with Britain on its exit from the bloc to proceed to the next sta...
Warden agency received 700 complaints about dangerous truck driver

Truck driver Marius Camilleri had another charge added to the 11 already filed against him by the police, as t...
Siemens’ R&D and Teva’s new plans | Calamatta Cuschieri

Siemens AG said Friday that investments in research and development will rise an additional 450 million ($530....
Annual drink and drive campaign launched, breathalysers given out

Breathalysers were given out at the busy streets of Valletta this morning, promoting awareness against drinkin...
Malta to ‘wait and see’ before deciding on PESCO defence pact, Muscat says

Malta not losing any security safeguards through not joining EU defence pact PESCO, Prime Minister says in Eur...
Avoiding modal shift

There are far, far more bicycles used for commuting to work each day