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Update 2 | Eight found alive in Rigopiano hotel following avalanche
World 14:15

Eight people, including two children, have been found alive under the avalanche that hit an Italian mountain hotel almost two days ago

Tribunal rejects application despite Court direction

The Tribunal held that in this case, privacy could still be attained for a dwelling without the need to raise ...
Planning Board approves Imperial Hotel conversion into elderly home

Restoration and redevelopment works have been approved for the Imperial Hotel in Sliema after the local counci...
[WATCH] Planning Authority tribunal says NGOs, Sliema council can appeal Townsquare approval

The Planning Autority's EPRT says that Sliema local council can appeal against the PA decision to approve ...
Maghtab to host 22,000 solar panels

A solar farm hosting 22,000 photovoltaic panels will be developed on land previously earmarked for landsc...
NGOs: PA blocking appeal ‘monstrous attempt at censoring civil society’

Green NGOs say they will challenge PA obstacles to high-rise appeals at every stage and in every cou...
Higher rate of discarded vehicles leads to hazardous waste generation

The amount of hazardous waste generated in 2015 grew by 36.4% due to an increase in discarded vehicles and che...
New swan spotted in St Thomas Bay, wing injured - BirdLife Malta

BirdLife Malta has said that a Mute Swan observed in St Thomas Bay this morning was not part of the flock shel...
Questions raised over ninth tuna net off St Paul’s islands

Front Harsien ODZ calls on authorities to investigate as fish farm operator says extra cage ‘is a runner...
Luqa council protests plan for 250-unit project

The Luqa local council has called on the Planning Authority to assess five different applications for resident...
[WATCH] Interconnector energy provision at 75% when blackout hit

Enemalta executive chairman: 'If we agree against use of heavy fuel oil, and if we agree on security of su...
Refuelling of LNG floating storage unit complete

The refuelling process started on Wednesday following the arrival of LNG tanker, GALEA
Maltreated animals discovered at illegally built factory extension

They were discovered during a direct-action operation by the Planning Authority to remove the illegally constr...
[WATCH] Laboratory Wharf pipeline leaks marine diesel

The source of the oil spill at the Grand Harbour was a leaking pipeline leading to Laboratory Wharf, but the s...
Hunters and BirdLife put aside their differences in feeding Gozo swans

Discussions between FKNK, KSU and BirdLife Malta yield positive results as they agree on feeding protocol for ...
Wasteserv and ERA to develop landfill management policy in €14 million EU project

Waste management operator Wasteserv and the Environment and Resource Authority will be joining six other partn...