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[WATCH] 118 truckloads of dumped construction material removed from Wied Qirda

The Planning Authority said in a statement that it was finally removing a ‘scar plaguing the picturesque valley’

Yannick Pace
29 September 2017, 12:48pm
The section of the valley of Wied Qirda, known as Tal-Bilbli, limits of Siggiewi
The section of the valley of Wied Qirda, known as Tal-Bilbli, limits of Siggiewi
Removal of construction debris from Wied Qirda by the Planning Authority
According to the Planning Authority, a cleaning operation at Wied Qirda which started yesterday, has collected some 3,000 tons of waste and debris, equivalent to some 118 truckloads.

The Planning Authority said that it would finally be removing waste and debris which had accumulated in the valley over a period of ten years.


Yannick joined MaltaToday as a journalist in 2016. His main areas of interest are politics...
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