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[WATCH] Muscat welcomes Adrian Delia to Labour HQ for first face-to-face meeting
National 21:31

Speaking to the press, the Prime Minister alluded to his less than amicable relationship with former PN leader Simon Busuttil, saying that “[Delia’s] meeting was an exercise in confidence building, in the hopes that the frankly bitter experience with the former leader will not repeat itself.”

Cadaver found at sea

The identity of the man is not yet known
BirdLife ‘baffled’ at minister’s concern for reputation of ‘responsible hunters’

The eNGO reiterated that there was no political will on the part of the government to control hunting with ill...
Kurdistan referendum: Iraqi Kurds must give up on independence or go hungry, says Turkish PM

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned that the referendum on support for independence for Iraqi Ku...
Woman driver charged with attacking police officer for honking at her

Lack of driver courtesy is understood to have led to an argument that landed a 28-year-old woman in court, acc...
Drug-smuggling Libyan and Somali asylum seekers causing police headaches, court told

A large number of Libyan and Somali nationals, seeking asylum in Malta, are involved in the drugs trade, state...
Court reluctantly acquits Leli l-Bully's brother of drug charges after statement ruled inadmissible

John Camilleri, brother of the infamous ‘Leli l-Bully’, acquitted of conspiracy to import cocaine ...
Bali: Over 75,000 evacuated as volcano could erupt in a ‘matter of hours’

Mount Agung in Bali, is currently experiencing unprecedented levels of seismic activity, with experts claiming...
Birdlife activist who accompanied BBC presenter Chris Packham cleared of trespassing

Birdlife activist Nimrod Mifsud, 32, was charged with trespassing on land in Mizieb back in 2014, which hunter...
Updated | Explosion at Tower Hill underground station in London

Tower Hill station has been evacuated after a phone charger exploded on a District Line train
Opposition presents ‘Good Samaritan’ legal amendment to protect first aid respondents

The amendments will ensure that people do not hesitate in helping others who are in danger, while also showing...
Committee to vet political appointments has no teeth, Greens say

Justice  minister’s plans for parliamentary committee to vet political appointments will only have ...
Dismantling of Delimara chimney and HFO boilers underway

Once dismantled, the Delimara plant’s materials will be carefully separated on site before they are...
North Korea accuses Trump of declaring war

Foreign Minister of Korea Ri Yong Ho on Monday, accused US President Donald Trump of declaring war on Pyongyan...
Market wrap with Volkswagen and Unilever | Calamatta Cuschieri

European stock markets close the trading session flat as the election in Germany draws to an end, Volkswagen t...
Trump: responds to Puerto Rico crisis, island has ‘massive debt’

The US President’s belated response to the devastation brought about by hurricane Maria seems to blame i...