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The land before time | The Flinders Ranges, Southern Australia
Travel 18-11

I’ve been in the Flinders Ranges for six days now and I still have so much to see

New board for mental health sector to be appointed - Chris Fearne
Health 17-11

A mental health board shall be appointed soon in order to align the work done by the government and NGOs, health minister Chris Fearne has said

Mediterranean stuffed peppers
Food 12-11

We usually stuff pepper with meat or rice or something just as filling. In this recipe, Michael Diacono makes a lighter version of stuffed peppers using truly Mediterranean produce – tomatoes, olives, capers and anchovies. These are best enjoyed with a great big chunk of Maltese bread. 

Tunisian peppers and eggs
Food 12-11

For breakfast, lunch or dinner eggs always hit the right spot. Michael Diacono makes this Tunisian dish with pan-fried peppers and aubergines, topped with a fried egg. 

Health Ministry to investigate use of expired drugs
Health 11-11

Ministry stresses that department’s policy is to use medicines in the approved manner and before expiry date

UK, Italy remain preferred destinations of Maltese tourists
Travel 11-11

Total outbound tourists for the third quarter in 2016 were estimated at 151,386, an increase of 6.4 per cent over the corresponding quarter last year

Mediterranean swordfish threatened by overfishing, WWF tells fishing nations
Food 11-11

ICCAT meeting of 48 fishing nations to determine new catch limits for swordfish, tuna and shark

Bavarian beers, Christmas markets and fairytale castles | Munich
Travel 11-11

With Christmas just round the corner, planning a trip to one of the world’s best Christmas markets is a must

Simon Busuttil: Pregnant, diabetic women should be provided with glucose monitor
Health 08-11

Leader of the opposition says pregnant women who are also diabetic should be provided with Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems to help them manage their condition

Over 3.6 million passengers pass through Malta International Airport in summer
Travel 07-11

Summer 2016 registers 6.3% growth over last year

Author demands BA remedy because TVM did not report self-published Panamagate essay
Television 06-11

Former Labour candidate Mark Sammut’s book was only covered by In-Nazzjon, now he wants the BA to force the national broadcaster to report his self-published polemic

Braised pork cheeks
Food 05-11

Pork cheeks are a cheap meal and with a little bit of love (and quite a long time on the fire) they are a great hearty meal. Michael Diacono cooks them with mushrooms in wine and sherry. 

Pork and apple meatballs in a Gorgonzola sauce
Food 05-11

These pork meatballs are moist and delicious and use apple instead of breadcrumbs to hold them together making them a great gluten-free option. Try Michael Diacono’s recipe for these meatballs in Gorgonzola sauce. 

Hiking around a Cambodian paradise
Travel 04-11

The tropical Cambodian island of Koh Ta Kiev has the effect to help a person replenish their energy

New Italian franchise to open in Malta next month
Fashion 04-11

Italian franchise Goldenpoint will be opening its doors in Bay Street next month, being the latest franchise to be secured in the local market by DIZZ group

Vitals’ owners are Singaporean Oxley Capital and founding partner Mark Pawley
Health 04-11

Private investment firm Oxley Capital is the ultimate beneficial owner of Vitals Global Healthcare, the company granted a 30-year concession to run three Maltese hospitals

Homemade ravioli with Jerusalem artichokes
Food 03-11

Homemade ravioli take some love to put together but they are well worth your effort. Make the ravioli in large batches and freeze them for nights when you're in a hurry yet are craving homemade comfort food. Nick Formosa has the prefect recipe. 

Seasonal influenza vaccine to be available next week
Health 03-11

The health ministry has said that this year’s seasonal influenza vaccine will be available as of next week

The moment when the three men accused of murdering Daphne Caruana Galizia were escorted out of the law courts to be taken back to prison after the case against them will have to be re-assigned to a new magistrate
Accused face their first sitting in compilation of evidence against them for murder of journalist
Daphne Caruana Galizia murder and aftermath - a timeline
Eyes on the road: behind the 27 cameras monitoring Malta’s traffic problem
What do people think of political party fund raisers
Menqa shed used by criminals under police and army watch