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Law association say 69% of university students agree with euthanasia
Health 21-12

In a survey amongst 313 university students, a majority of 69% said they agreed with the introduction of voluntary euthanasia

Expired Tamiflu given to patients still effective, inquiry finds
Health 21-12

Inquiry into use of expired Tamiflu to patients at Mater Dei reveals that medication still effective, health minister Chris Fearne reveals

Health students come out in favour of euthanasia
Health 19-12

"Euthanasia is one of the most neglected issues that modern health care faces" - health students in favour of euthanasia for certain terminal illness

Food imports from Ukraine seized due to virus risk
Health 19-12

Foodstuffs and beverages from Ukraine destined for Malta have been seized by the authorities and will be destroyed

[WATCH] People can now donate their organs thanks to legally-binding registration forms
Health 19-12

People can choose to donate all their organs, none of their organs, or cherry pick the organs they wish to donate

Festive roasted duck
Food 17-12

The star of the Christmas meal is more often than not a turkey. Michael Diacono gives us an alternative to the big bird that works especially well if you have a small gathering (up to eight people) for Christmas lunch. 

Turmeric roast potatoes
Food 17-12

Roasting potatoes is an easy affair? Or is it? Michael Diacono gives us a few little tricks that will get everyone coming back for seconds. 

Update 2 | Superintendent investigating hospital food after suspicious gastritis outbreak
Health 16-12

Superintendent of Public Health investigating possible food poisoning, after 55 patients at Mater Dei and Karin Grech hospitals diagnosed with sudden onset gastritis

Russian ‘Hunger Games’ show will allow contestants to rape and murder each other
Television 16-12

Contestants sign waiver acknowledging they may not survive nine-month Siberian wilderness challenge, and if crimes are committed, they will be arrested

Malta is Skyscanner’s top travel hot spot for 2017
Travel 16-12

If you're searching for Skyscanner's hottest destination for 2017, you're not going far: Malta predicted to be top travel hot spot next year

When in Rome…
Travel 16-12

While the city’s main attractions need to be visited at least once during a lifetime, make time for some of the little things that the city has to offer

Morning-after pill available at pharmacies as of today
Health 14-12

The morning-after pill is now available in pharmacies around Malta and Gozo, Medicines Authority chief Anthony Serracino Inglott has confirmed.

Champagne Bollinger expert delivers masterclass at Casa Ellul
Food 13-12

Farsons teamed up with chic Valletta boutique hotel Casa Ellul to offer a masterclass that proved to be one of the highlights on this year’s wine calendar

Drug-resistant infections persist across Europe: Commission to draft new action plan
Health 10-12

A five-year-old plan action plan on antimicrobial resistance provided political stimulus across member states, but has done little to curtail the problem

Torta tal-Marmurata
Food 10-12

This traditional tart is one that Michael Diacono’s family shares during the holidays. In this recipe he uses candied peel, chocolate and marmalade for an interesting take on a torta tal-Marumrata. 

Tutti frutti cake
Food 10-12

This cake works well as a gift or to keep at hand for when you unexpected guests over the Christmas period as they keep well in an airtight container for a few weeks. Michael Diacono shares his recipe. 

Caving in Phong Nha, Vietnam
Travel 09-12

Time to get your boots dirty and your clothes wet, Phong Nha is waiting for you.

Braised lamb shanks in whiskey with colcannon
Food 07-12

This hearty dish is perfect for the wintery weather ahead. Pascal Holland slow cooks lamb shanks with plenty of veg and whisky and serves it with an Irish colcannon. 

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Muscat: EU needs deal with Libya on stemming migrant flow
19th January 2017
Planning Authority tribunal says NGOs, Sliema council can appeal Townsquare approval
Planning Authority tribunal says NGOs, Sliema council can appeal Townsquare approval
19th January 2017
Simon Busuttil non-committal on blogger's attack on deputy
Simon Busuttil non-committal on blogger's attack on deputy
18th January 2017
Simon Busuttil non-committal on bloggers attack on deputy
Simon Busuttil non-committal on bloggers attack on deputy
18th January 2017