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Three recipes from around the world with local aubergines
Food 17-11

Aubergines are incredibly versatile and used in cuisines from around the world. These three recipes are from the Far East, the Middle East and the Med.

Stazzjon Bar and Kitchen | Country walks and delicious cheats
Restaurants 17-11

After a walk around the countryside of Rabat, there is no better stop than at Stazzjon Bar and Kitchen for a homemade cookie, served in the pan with a huge dollop of vanilla ice cream.

The Native | Eleanor Borg shows us around Wollongong, Australia
Travel 17-11

Travelling is always risky business – get stuck in a touristy area and your meals are terrible as is the rest of your stay. Eleanor Borg shows us around Wollongong in Australia.

Za’atar roasted aubergines with lentils and tahini dressing
Food 15-11

This is a really easy dish to prepare making it a great mid-week meal. Completely vegetarian (vegan if you leave out the Greek yoghurt in the dressing), this is great for meat-free Mondays or any day of the week you feel like going lighter.

Paccheri alla Norma
Food 15-11

There is nothing quite as good as a classic. This tomato sauce is enhanced with fried aubergines to create this Sicilian classic and topped with ricotta salata.

Egg noodles with miso aubergines
Food 15-11

Ready in 20 minutes, these noodles with miso aubergines are the perfect comfort food when you’re in a hurry. Use buckwheat soba noodles to make this a vegan option, whilst also checking that your miso paste is vegan friendly.

FDA approves first 'trackable' pill Abilify
Health 14-11

First approved back in 2002 by the FDA to treat schizophrenia, the Abilify pill works by 'sending a message from the pill's sensor to a wearable patch'

Going back to strange | Stranger Things, Season 2
Television 13-11

The most powerful thing to hit this reviewer after sitting through a second season of the show is the realisation that the franchise is a bona fide interplay of contemporary mythology • 3/5

Luna at Palazzo Parisio | Dining in the garden
Restaurants 10-11

The weather is perfect for outdoor dining right now - not too hot, not too cold. No one does dining in the garden better than Palazzo Parisio.

Three recipes to make use of local pomegranates
Food 10-11

We try our best to stick to seasonal produce and this is the season for pomegranates. Get some ideas for how to use them right here. 

The Native | Valentina Santini shows us around Rijeka
Travel 10-11

Travelling is always risky business – get stuck in a touristy area and your meals are terrible as is the rest of your stay. Valentina Santini shows us around Rijeka in Croatia.

Everything fresh at ImPasta
Restaurants 08-11

When you think of quality pasta you think of an Italian grandma, hand-rolling long sheets of fresh, yellow dough. Impasta takes this concept very seriously and, though they are not your grandmother, they put the same amount of love into each and every dish. AMY MICALLEF DECESARE is in for a treat as she heads down there to check it out

Sesame | Authentic dim sum in Valletta
Restaurants 07-11

Authentic dim sum is hard to come by in Malta. This little spot is providing the goods.

Rose meringues with pomegranates and pistachios
Food 07-11

Easy to prepare, these meringues are as pretty as they are tasty. Add pomegranate seeds and pistachios for a brilliant burst of colour, texture and flavour. 

Pomegranate and mint tea
Food 07-11

A delightfully warming alternative to tea or coffee, this hot drink is packed with health benefits and free of cafffeine. 

Citrus and pomegranate salad
Food 07-11

Are you looking for a lighter dessert? Sweet, salty and brightly coloured, this citrus salad with bright red pomegranate seeds ticks all the boxes. A tiny bit of orange blossom water makes it so much more than just a boring old fruit salad. 

Three recipes to use up that leftover Halloween pumpkin
Food 03-11

Pumpkin season is here. Try these three delicious recipes to get your family eating more of this golden vegetable.

The Native | Felicia Wijkander shows us around Stockholm
Travel 03-11

Travelling is always risky business – get stuck in a touristy area and your meals are terrible as is the rest of your stay. Felicia Wijkander shows us around Stockholm.

The moment when the three men accused of murdering Daphne Caruana Galizia were escorted out of the law courts to be taken back to prison after the case against them will have to be re-assigned to a new magistrate
Accused face their first sitting in compilation of evidence against them for murder of journalist
Daphne Caruana Galizia murder and aftermath - a timeline
Eyes on the road: behind the 27 cameras monitoring Malta’s traffic problem
What do people think of political party fund raisers
Menqa shed used by criminals under police and army watch