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Lamb brain fritters with egg salad
Food 10-06

Nose-to-tail cooking is making a comeback with dishes featuring offal becoming more and more popular. This is a dish Michael Diacono remembers from his childhood.

[WATCH] Lamb Rogan Josh
Food 09-06

Rogan Josh is a staple Kashmiri dish made from chunks of meat, usually lamb, braised in onions, garlic, ginger and aromatic spices. 

Discovering Indonesia’s Islands
Travel 09-06

Nusa Penida holds some of the most pristine beaches you are unlikely to find anywhere else in the region

Patient organisations call for national pain plan
Health 08-06

Patient organisation have called on the government to adopt by 2020 nine policy recommendations as part of a proposed national pain plan aimed at addressing the issue of chronic pain

Air Malta offers weekly reduced fares with ‘Take-off Tuesday’ launch
Travel 06-06

Air Malta has launched a weekly promotion offering discounted flights to a number of selected destinations

Saddled sea bream al sale
Food 03-06

This recipe works for any white fish, just be sure you order your fish with the scales still on. Michael Diacono shares his recipe using a wild, sustainable local fish, the saddled sea bream or kahlija in Maltese.

Calamari with nduja and ricotta
Food 03-06

Grilled calamari is a firm favourite with locals. In this recipe Michael Diacono pairs simply grilled calamari with an unlikely side of ricotta with a spicy nduja (Calabrian sausage).

Exploring Australia’s raw beauty in the Grampians
Travel 02-06

With its natural beauty and continuing aboriginal importance it is no wonder that the 'Gariwerd' is on the list of National Heritage

Start your adventure in Cambodia with Emirates special fares
Travel 29-05

Cambodia offers the experience of stunning landscapes, breath-taking historical sites and delcious street food. 

[WATCH] Maltese kusksu with ful
Food 29-05

Maltese kusksu with ful is the perfect spring going on summer meal. Best served with ice-cold Coca Cola Zero. 

Chocolate volcano cookies
Food 27-05

Crunchy and dusted in icing sugar on the outside with a rich dark chocolate centre, Michael Diacono’s chocolate volcano cookies are perfect for any occasion. 

Rich, gluten-free chocolate cake
Food 27-05

This gluten-free chocolate cake seems too light an airy to be completely gluten-free! In Michael Diacaono’s recipe, the whisked egg whites give the cake a light and fluffy texture. 

No future privatisation of health services ‘without prior agreement with MAM’
Health 26-05

The Medical Association of Malta has signed two agreements with the government

The Maltese motorcycle diaries - The road to Thac Ban Gioc
Travel 26-05

I consider Ban Gioc to be a wonder of the world - the largest of the waterfalls is 60 metres in height, the karst topography is formed by the dissolution of the soft limestone and local fishermen cast off the treacherous edges of the pools to catch local trout

President urges for early screening in bid to tackle maternal mental health disorders
Health 25-05

President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca said that it was time to push for EU directives aimed at highlighting the need for a holistic strategy and action plan on maternal mental health

[WATCH] The ultimate cheesy bacon beef burgers
Food 23-05

Don't fret if you don't have a barbecue, you can make these cheese bacon burgers just as easily in a pan. Best served with ice-cold beers. 

Corn and dill fritters
Food 20-05

If your kids are fussy eaters you’ll know how hard it is to get them to eat anything even remotely healthy. Michael Diacono uses sweet corn, cheese and eggs for these fritters that are always a hit with the little ones as well as their parents. 

Zucchini and ricotta fritters
Food 20-05

These zucchini and ricotta fritters are a great way to trick the kiddies into eating their greens. Michael Diacono uses polenta in his recipes to make these fritters gluten-free. 

New drink-driving campaign targets sea vessel drivers
Michelle Muscat begins charity swim
Brie and Bacon Salad
12 cases of abuse on minors reported to Church commission