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[WATCH] Linguini vongole with chorizo
Food 13-02

Living on a Mediterranean island means a simple plate of pasta with clams is a regular treat – not that we’re complaining! Add a little Spanish chorizo and you’ve got yourself a typical Mediterranean dish with a spicy twist. Try this one today. You won’t be sorry.  

Maltese top EU consumers of canned fish
Food 12-02

Hobz biz-zejt makes Maltese Europe’s most avid consumers of canned fish, with at least one in every two eating tinned fish at least once a week

2,584 sign up as organ donors since enactment of new law
Health 11-02

A single person has so far expressly stated that s/he does not want to become an organ donor

Olive and rosemary focaccia
Food 11-02

There is nothing better than the smell of fresh bread. Maybe the taste of fresh bread but anyway! Michael Diacono shares this easy recipe for homemade focaccia flavoured with sliced black olives and rosemary. 

Homemade pizza with minced lamb and ricotta
Food 11-02

This is a family favourite in Michael Diacono’s household. A homemade base with minced lamb, ricotta and a little bit of mozzarella. Homemade pizza anyone?

Penang - an island of flavours in the heart of Malaysia
Travel 10-02

Penang is a destination your taste buds would pick if they had a choice, mostly for the variety of cuisines available in such a small stretch

Air Malta plane struck by lightning in transit
Travel 09-02

Air Malta aircraft struck by lightning en route to Catania, no one injured 

Homework, football, ballet, catechism…  where is the free time for kids?
Health 08-02

Can more balanced daily schedules lead to more creative use of digital devices and improved digital skills?

No doctor transfers to Vitals until contracts fully published, union warns
Health 07-02

After learning that hospital staff is being transferred to Vitals Global Healthcare without their consent, doctors' union MAM has warned that it will not commit any of its members until the full version of their contracts will be published

On World Cancer Day, President announces TV sets for each bed at oncology centre
Health 04-02

Cancer support organisations set to join forces in new association to raise awareness, provide better support

Four prime ministers, nine milky teas and two-dozen Maltese pastizzi please
Food 04-02

Order up for four EU premiers and their partners at Rabat’s legendary Crystal Palace: ‘Disà te, zewg tuzzani pastizzi’ please

Roasted rabbit with orange and sage
Food 04-02

Traditionally fried rabbit is the most comforting dish, however it makes a huge mess of the kitchen. Michael Diacono’s recipe for roasted rabbit with orange and sage puts rabbit back on the menu as all it takes is one dish and much less mess. 

Asian fried rabbit bellies
Food 04-02

Rabbit bellies can be found in the frozen section of some larger supermarkets and make easy meals. Michael Diacono deep-fries his rabbit bellies and serves them with an Asian sauce. 

Beyond the tourist spots in central Bali | Indonesia
Travel 03-02

When most people think about Bali, their mind goes straight to the crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches, but what isn’t as publicised is that in the centre of Bali lies a land beyond dreams

Three drugs used by cancer patients added to the national health system
Health 02-02

More free additions planned over the year as Health Ministry plans up-to-date stock within three years 

Malta retains modest ranking in healthcare index
Health 02-02

Malta has moved little up its mid-range ranking in the Euro Health Consumer Index

[WATCH] Risotto with mixed mushrooms and Taleggio
Food 01-02

This risotto with mixed mushrooms and Taleggio is everything you need right now. Speck, mushrooms and butter...can it get any better? 

Malta planning rapid HIV testing as Europe seeks to adopt effective policies
Health 31-01

Expert says sexually transmitted infections are increasing at rates reminiscent to the spread observed in the 60s

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MTA chairman to run as Labour candidate, sees no conflict with position
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