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[WATCH] Chermoula aubergines with bulgar wheat salad
Food 11-09

North Africa and the Mediterranean collide in this flavourful stuffed aubergine recipe 

Rock climbing, beautiful beaches and French colonial forts
Travel 08-09

Depiste there being various beautiful places to visit in Vietnam, is Cat Ba Island, North East Vietnam the place to be?

Food from the 18th Century: A taste of Maltese history
Food 07-09

Recipes and merchandise receipts offer a glimpse into the Maltese cuisine of the 18th century for a Knights’ banquet

Senglea’s Macina lights up Grand Harbour as Cugó Gran hotel nears opening
Travel 06-09

Senglea’s Maċina Bastion is given a brand new life following weeks of preparation and LED lighting additions - as an exclusive luxury accomodation Cugó Gran

Zucchini and gbejna salad
Food 01-09

How can something so simple taste so good? Michael Diacono uses the freshest of local ingredients to ensure a simple salad is packed full of flavour.

Tasmania – The land where fairytales are created
Travel 01-09

Marc Casolani writes: Tasmania has so much to offer with such little distance to cover, this truly is a traveller’s dream

[IN PICTURES] A life-long dream come true at Rabat's l-Istazzjon Bar & Kitchen
Restaurants 29-08

Anything worthwhile is worth waiting for. And L-Istazzjon in Rabat has been a long time coming. Reuniting the Borg sisters in the kitchen of this historical building, L-Istazzjon brings to life a life-long passion for the girls. SASHA SHUMARA heads down there for a history lesson as well as a superb meal. 

A little bit of luxury in Vietnam
Travel 25-08

Imagine beginning your day with nothing but the sound of waves and a stunning view. Then, after breakfast, walking the beach or swimming in the crystal clear waters

Almost half of Maltese tourists use coaches while on holiday
Travel 24-08

Surprisingly the survey shows that respondents in Malta (47%) and Cyprus (44%), both of which are surrounded by sea, are the most likely to travel to other countries using a coach

Cocktails and sea views at Corinthia St. George's Broadside Terrace
Restaurants 24-08

The best way to de-stress in the summer is to sit by the sea with a cocktail in hand. Whether it’s to get your weekend started or just to wind down after a busy day, the Broadside Terrace at the Corinthia Hotel St. George’s Bay has everything you need to recharge and refresh. AMY MICALLEF DECESARE takes an average Tuesday night and transforms it into the highlight of her week. 

Frozen sangria slushies
Food 23-08

Sangria is a favourite sunshine drink. Make this classic Spanish recipe even better by making it a frozen one. For best results buy fresh fruit and freeze it yourself. 

Maltese choosing better hotels over expensive travel
Travel 23-08

In the last three months of 2016, travellers spent 13.4% more on accommodation than they did in the same period the previous year

Shafa | A taste of Persia comes to Malta
Restaurants 23-08

In the past the only “foreign” food available was Chinese or Indian. Over the last few years, however, we have seen an influx of new restaurants offering flavours from all over the world. Persia has been added to the list with the opening of Shafa. NICOLA COLLINS checks it out

Buitoni Semolina contains undeclared soya traces, health directorate warns
Health 22-08

Consumers suffering from a soya allergy should avoid Buitoni Semolina in 250g packets, as the prodct contains traces of the substance, the environmental health directorate has warned

Magical summer sunsets at Redwhite Rooftop Restaurant
Restaurants 22-08

Summer is a magical time when the day extends until dinner time. The best way to enjoy the turn of day into night is sitting on the rooftop of Palazzo Castelletti, drink in hand, mulling over the menu. SASHA SHUMARA gets a feel for Maltese summers high up above the village of Rabat

Malta in Airbnb top 20 value accommodation
Travel 22-08

Valletta was ranked the 17th European capital for the best value accommodation up for rent on holiday accommodation website Airbnb

The Thirsty Barber continued
Restaurants 22-08

At Gourmet Today we were mightly excited when The Thirsty Barber opened its doors. We are back again to check out what’s new in their world only to find they are in the testing phase of a brand new menu. Here’s the scoop. 

Infertile couples lash out at deceitful song that claims to tell 'embryo's story'
Health 21-08

The song plays on emotions and is devoid of any truth, Malta Infertility Network says

Six PN MPs broke ranks with their party and now face a backlash
PN's IVF leave motion defeated: 37 against, 21 in favour
Helena Dalli on violence against women