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Asian chicken legs in Coca-cola
Food 15-04

These chicken legs are slow cooked in soy sauce and sugary Coca-cola leaving them full of flavour and falling off the bone. The Preca sisters share this easy recipe.

Deconstructed cheesecake
Food 15-04

The Preca sisters take a classic cheesecake recipe and deconstruct it and serve it in tall glasses giving this recipe a new lease of life. 

Exploring aboriginal land in Arnhem Land, Northern Australia
Travel 14-04

It’s hard to imagine so many different types of beautiful geological features within such close proximity to one another

Radio listening increases, as over half the population tunes in
Television 12-04

Average hours TV viewers spent watching the box was 1.73 hours a day, 14 minutes less than that of previous BA audience survey

Senglea’s iconic Macina revived as exclusive Cugó Gran hotel
Travel 12-04

The Sheer Bastion, one of the Grand Harbour’s iconic landmarks, deriving its name ‘Macina’ from the large sheer crane structure ‘macchina’, is set to be a landmark of a different class, a luxury boutique Cugó Gran hotel

140,000 travellers expected over Easter week
Travel 12-04

Malta International Airport is expecting around 140,000 passenger movements during Easter week

Warning! Elections increase heart failure risk, GPs say
Health 12-04

A recent study published in the Malta Medical Journal shows that the chances of dying from heart failure are higher during election years

[WATCH] MRSA infections at Mater Dei hospital down by 90%
Health 11-04

MRSA cases have been reduced by 90% at Mater Dei Hospital, following an investigation in certain practices that could have had certain risk factors

Updated | Exasperated nurses launch ultimatum over understaffed wards
Health 11-04

Facing a situation where there’s only one nurse monitoring a single ward with up to 40 patients and more, the Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses is requesting an urgent meeting with the government

[READ] Gourmet Today April edition online
Food 08-04

The Easter edition on Gourmet Today is now available to read online

Get your copy of Gourmet Today, out on Sunday with MaltaToday
Food 08-04

The Easter edition of Gourmet Today is out this Sunday, free with your copy of MaltaToday. 

Curried chicken pot pie
Food 08-04

A little bit of leftover roast chicken can go a long way if you know what to do with it. The Preca sisters stretch this half a chicken in a curried chicken pot pie. 

Chocolate fudge Coca-Cola tempura
Food 08-04

When there’s that little bit of chocolate fudge leftover, you can spruce it up in the best possible way. Deep fry in a Coca-Cola batter and serve on a chocolate sauce. The Preca sisters share this incredibly easy recipe. 

MIA welcomes over 1.6 million passengers during winter traffic
Travel 07-04

The top five contributors of traffic at Malta International Airport during winter were the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Belgium, and France

Tasmania – The land where fairytales are created
Travel 07-04

Tasmania has so much to offer with such little distance to cover, this truly is a travelers dream

[WATCH] 82 patients treated in hospital corridors in 12 months - Fearne
Health 06-04

Health Minister says number of patients treated in hospital corridors were 82, marking a 99% drop compared to 2012

[WATCH] Creamy asparagus and mushroom shells with spinach and pecans
Food 06-04

Although we usually use these large pasta shells to stuff and then bake, they work really well for sauces with chunks of veggies as these get stuck inside the shell, providing incredible flavour with every bite.

Catering for state hospitals a €25 million industry for one
Health 06-04

Malta’s ageing population and PPP healthcare drive an opportunity for growing contract catering industry

Andrea Bocelli last night at the Floriana Granaries
Malta celebrates Santa Marija feast, marking 75 years since arrival of convoy
€1m scheme to incentivise private investment in social housing launched