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Creation of new national park ‘a source of concern’ for hunters

A proposal to add 44,000 square metres to the Inwadar natural park in Zonqor does not go down well with the FK...
'One step forward, two steps back at Zonqor' - Front Harsien ODZ

Front Harsien ODZ notes that the land the government has added on to the natural park footprint in Zonqor is a...
Landowners ‘stuck’ in ODZ want out, but is there enough public land for compensation?

The government wants to ‘tweak’ development boundaries by increasing private land to be developed ...
How dry winter is spelling trouble for fruit production
Food 17-02

Farmers have their say on uncharacteristic warm and dry winter, and say it may also impact summer fruits
44,000 square metres to be added to Nwadar nature park

Zonqor site of controversial higher education institute will be extended by another 44,000 square metres and a...
Ministry condemns illegal dumping of furniture at Selmun

Video showing furniture dumped at Selmun, ruining the picturesque views, sparks fury and condemnation from min...
Front Harsien ODZ, FoE to hold 'right to nature' seminar

The aim of the seminar is to arm citizens with the tools necessary to inspire active participation in communit...
Moqbol valley quarry endangers bird colony

The Hal Far colony was partially abandoned by Yelkouan Shearwaters after the introduction of domestic and indu...
Front Harsien strongly objects to hard stone quarry in Wied Moqbol

Urging the tribunal to decide against the developer’s appeal, Front reiterated its statement that furthe...
BirdLife rejects court’s claim that 'there are benefits to hunting'

BirdLife Malta insists hunting is merely an 'egoistic act for the sole enjoyment of the hunter who is priv...
[WATCH] Simone Borg to chair climate action board • eNGOs boycott meeting

Environment Minister Leo Brincat says that a concerted and multi-faceted approach was necessary in order to ta...
Ta’ Cenc development is threat to countryside – Din l-Art Helwa

Development of ODZ land at Ta’ Cenc will continue the relentless destruction of the countryside, says Di...
An essential companion on your walks to the country

MARK BORG takes Edwin Lanfranco and Guido Bonett’s Wild Flowers of the Maltese Islands for a spin around...
Victor Axiak appointed chairman of environment authority

Former chairman of Church's environment commission to head new ERA
Yale-based study ranks Malta 'ninth greenest country'

Environmental Performance Index by Yale and Columbia universities and the World Economic Forum gives Malta a s...