Beekeepers fear Sicilian threat to local agriculture
[WATCH] Busuttil will support hunting derogation, gives MPs free vote
[WATCH] Personalities call on public to ‘shout’ and get spring hunting out
GreenPak registers record increase in glass collection in 2014
[WATCH] Fines mulled for households that don't separate waste
[WATCH] Referendum on 11 April, Muscat to support spring hunting derogation
[WATCH] Hunting referendum to go ahead, CASH: 'Historic day for Malta'
Record collection of plastic caps generates €15,000 for charity
2015: The birth of Labour’s planning machine
Church commission questions feasibility of hotel development in south
Victoria Local council ‘demanding to break the law’ over Tokk tree uprooting – FAA
Zurrieq quarry in protected area green-lit by new MEPA appeals tribunal
[WATCH] Salina Park to be extended by 3,000 square meters
Hot house, bad house
Solar farms set to cater for half of Malta’s 2020 renewable energy targets
The death of the temple people
[WATCH] Nine sharks join the Malta National Aquarium
‘Majjistral Park restoration part of national afforestation plan’ – Environment Minister
Malta to push climate action during Commonwealth meeting
UN reaches global warming agreement, countries to cut carbon emissions
Works have placed Tokk trees in ‘serious jeopardy’ – FAA
CABS reports widespread illegal night trapping, use of illegal bird callers
Mayor demands action on Polidano’s illegal dumping of Marsa ash
‘Government committed to planting new trees’ – Joe Mizzi
Government to call for refund scheme on plastic bottle collection
Commission assessing next step over finch trapping infringement
‘Spring hunting referendum not in conflict with EU’
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