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Ten cruise ships which regularly visit Malta are among worst environmental offenders

Cruise Ship Ranking compiled by BirdLife’s German partner ranks cruse ships according to impact on the e...
Motorsport lobby hits back at Church racetrack criticism

Forget the racetrack, the government should plant more trees, the Church's environment commission has decl...
Lija needs a Pollution consultant, says Cycling Group

The Bicycle Advocacy Group also called for a walking commissioner and a cycling commissioner, which the group ...
Palumbo exported grit before Planning Authority issued enforcement against shipyard

Palumbo was granted a permit to export sand blasting grit two years after taking over the shipyards, but contr...
[WATCH] Ornis Committee yet to meet despite hunting season starts in three days

BirdLife Malta presents letter to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat urging government to prioritise environmental l...
No responsibilities yet for Sant’Antnin fires

In the wake of the huge blaze, GreenPak had announced that it was increasing the frequency of emptying br...
Large cloud formations over north of Malta bring promise of stray showers

With large cumulus clouds observed over the Maltese islands right now, stray shower could follow
Malta’s average temperature increased 1°C in 70 years... and experts warn of more frequent heatwaves

While awareness on the impact of global warming-driven climate change is not scarce, global efforts to counter...
Floods affect 16 million in Nepal, India and Bangladesh

Flood levels reach record highs in South Asia with more than 400 dead and hundreds injured and missing
Perseid meteors over Malta give stargazers a night to remember

Earth passes through the path of Comet Swift-Tuttle from 17 July to 24 August with the shower’s peak &md...
5,500 tell Malta MPs they want Public Domain protection for 24 sites

Over 5500 submissions sent to support public domain sites in campaign by Friends of the Earth and Flimkien gha...
120 million litres of water saved from leaks after WSC public awareness campaign

The equivalent of 60 million two-litre mineral water bottles were saved after letters were sent to 3,000 consu...
Hottest day in July was almost 39 degrees, but still lower than 1988’s record

July lets sun shine for over 365 hours, with sea temperature rising to 27 degrees Celcius
Paris climate goals threatened by Norway's push for Arctic oil and gas – study

Noway’s role as the world’s biggest fossil fuel exporter undermines its efforts to cut emissions a...
Keeping track of Malta’s development boom? Tips on the new PA website

Revamped just two weeks after a suspension of normal search facilities, you can now consult this guide on trac...