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New Water treatment facility to reduce dependency on ground water

The facility was inaugurated by the Prime Minister who said it would make Malta the first country not to dump ...
[WATCH] Sant'Antnin plant fire: drone footage reveals extent of damage

110 CPD workers and volunteers were on site each shift • The CPD used nine vehicles in operation &bu...
Muscat insists ‘crazy’ ODZ boundaries must be redrawn

Muscat says ODZ boundaries must be redrawn, but green NGOs insist local plans must not be touched  for no...
Dismantling of 1984 Marsa boiler chimney underway

At 69 metres above ground, the chimney is the highest point of the 1953 Marsa Power Station
Updated | Busuttil’s pro-hunting stance proves he will do anything for votes, AD claims

Greens accuse Simon Busuttil of environmental hypocrisy after PN leader says he considers the spring hunting i...
AD pledges to uphold citizens' interests, not big business’

The green party said that both the Labour and Nationalist Parties had not taken proper action against fish far...
Closing down Sant’Antnin, ‘requires new waste management system, culture change’

Closing down Sant’Antnin won’t just require a new facility but also a culture change in how waste ...
Decommissioning of Birzebbugia fuel tanks starts today

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said it was unacceptable for the country to still be using facilities that 'r...
FAA calls on political parties to consider environment in electoral manifestos

The activist group said that the protection of the environment should be entrenched in the Constitution and ci...
Malta registers largest drop in carbon emissions across EU

Malta registered a decrease of 18.2% in carbon dioxide emissions in 2016, marking the largest drop across the ...
Swieqi lane resurfacing required no planning permission

Planning Authority rejects Swieqi council's criticism that it had failed to take action over resurfacing o...
Cruise liners: lucrative but poisoning business

Cruise ships often berthing in harbours in close proximity to dense urban areas such as the Grand Harbour cont...
AD: No real need for commercial zone in Wied Incita

The green party said that it would make more sense for the applicant to first address the irregularities alrea...
Police officer accompanied poacher on illegal hunting trip

Several birds are still being shot at in the Maltese countryside although the hunting season is closed, enviro...
[WATCH] Masked poachers caught red-handed, 20 to face charges

Poachers wearing masks 'like bank robbers' to avoid identification before hiding in building ... only ...