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Studies still ongoing for relocation of tuna pens

‘There currently is no specific site for the North Aquaculture Zone’
Agreement reached with seven quarry owners for dumping of construction waste

Seven quarry operators will be offered fiscal incentives in return for using the quarries for the dumping of c...
Students' report proposes controversial changes to environmental law

A proposal paper on the future of environmental law considers a number of bold changes that could better prote...
Sant insists fishing data undermining traditional Maltese fishermen

In reply to Commission rebuttal, Labour MEP says large-scale fishermen have lobbied in defence of their market...
[WATCH] In Europe, waste crimes top list of crimes against environment

Interpol survey amongst European countries finds that member states are mainly concerned with corruption links...
Activists want Manoel Island contract investigated

Kamp Emergenza Ambjent: ‘The government is powerful enough to stop the development, especially if a cont...
Developers insist 2006 rationalisation plans must be ‘honoured’

Amid calls to the government to save 17,530 square metres of land, at Tal-Marnisi in Marsaxlokk, the Malta Dev...
Small-scale fisheries to benefit from streamlined funding scheme under MedFish4ever declaration

The European Commission has pledged to support sustainable small-scale fisheries and aquaculture by streamlini...
Wild Bird Regulation Unit accused of taking credit for CABS’s work

eNGO CABS has accused WBRU head Sergei Golovkin of using its efforts to ‘whitewash the total failure of ...
Zabbar agritourism breached local plan but still got permit

The agritourism policy yardstick was not applied since owner is not a farmer, but the project was approved des...
400-year-old San Anton Palace reservoir to be restored

Memorandum of Understanding for the restoration of a rainwater reservoir at San Anton Palace signed on World W...
Disposal of construction waste: minister to move legal notice to curtail illegal dumping

The Requisition of Excavation Voids Regulations (2017) will enable government to requisition any excavation vo...
[WATCH] Trapper caught red-handed threatens hiking group in Gozo

BirdLife footage shows trapper threatening to hurl a stone at a group of hikers who had stumbled upon his ille...
[WATCH] Malta to be reported to EU for 'de facto tolerance' of illegal trapping

CABS: 'It seems likely that the government is actively preventing police action upon trappers by limiting ...
Construction waste: government to seek measures against illegal dumping

Environment Minister says necessary steps will be taken to address the lack of space for construction waste