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Zabbar agritourism breached local plan but still got permit

The agritourism policy yardstick was not applied since owner is not a farmer, but the project was approved des...
400-year-old San Anton Palace reservoir to be restored

Memorandum of Understanding for the restoration of a rainwater reservoir at San Anton Palace signed on World W...
Disposal of construction waste: minister to move legal notice to curtail illegal dumping

The Requisition of Excavation Voids Regulations (2017) will enable government to requisition any excavation vo...
[WATCH] Trapper caught red-handed threatens hiking group in Gozo

BirdLife footage shows trapper threatening to hurl a stone at a group of hikers who had stumbled upon his ille...
[WATCH] Malta to be reported to EU for 'de facto tolerance' of illegal trapping

CABS: 'It seems likely that the government is actively preventing police action upon trappers by limiting ...
Construction waste: government to seek measures against illegal dumping

Environment Minister says necessary steps will be taken to address the lack of space for construction waste
‘I am not against hunting,’ environment minister insists

New regulations for fish farms to be published in the coming weeks
Nature claims Gozo’s iconic Azure Window, lost forever after total collapse

Disintegrating rock formation had long withstood nature and human impact, but is now no longer
[WATCH] Reworked Paceville masterplan will not be published before elections

Deborah Schembri says it was always the plan to have a first draft, followed by a public consultation process,...
Developers claim shortage of modern fuel stations in bid for new Luqa pump

Despite three petrol stations within 1.2km radius, a new Qormi Hill pump is being justified as a way '...
ERA to earmark €1.6 million in public funds for marine environmental monitoring project

The Environment and Resources Authority will be using €1.6 million in public eligible funds to contr...
Agritourism with 675m2 of new buildings proposed in Zebbiegh

So far there have been five applications for agritourism projects, two in Gozo and three in Malta, none of whi...
Slope stability impacted by Barts’ Gozo med school

Underlying blue clay renders site prone to slope instability and excessive subsidence
Repeated sewage overflow in Gozo leaves divers fuming

Avid diver Mike Bugeja says he has notified all the authorities concerned about the serious sewage overflow pr...
Malta generated 269,316 tonnes of municipal waste in 2015

In 2015, 92.8 per cent of municipal waste was treated by landfilling marking the highest increase since 2011 &...