Activists call for immediate closure and remote sensing of illegal boreholes
Fish farms face emergency enforcement order: two days to present plan of action
Environmental expert bemoans ‘tree-hating Malta’
Volume of fish landings increases by 126%
MHRA pushes for fish farm slime solution
BirdLife Malta urges government, police to prioritise law enforcement during autumn hunting season
Bathers decry fish farms in vicinity of popular beaches
Front calls on Planning Authority to confirm Wied Ghomor permit refusal
Action against polluting fish farms: Cabinet supports emergency enforcement orders
Archbishop Charles Scicluna warns malicious bloggers: ‘you’ll have God to answer to’
New regulations for autumn hunting season
BirdLife Malta extolls bird migration 'magic' as hunters group welcomes hunting season
'ERA not toothless, but can be strengthened further' – minister
Shooting range proposed in Ghajn Tuffieha quarry
Environment Ombudsman decries 'toothless' ERA in letter to Minister
No environmental impact assessment for Gzira’s new 24-storey tower
Amnesty once meant for pre-2013 illegalities, will include recent offences
Labour rewarding illegality with planning amnesty, FAA charges
Swimming pool approved in Natura 2000 site in Bahrija
Residents pin their hopes on PA to save Wied Incita
Attard councillor ‘sick and tired’ of inaction on Wied Incita quarry
PA board member Timmy Gambin denies Townsquare conflict of interest
Numerous migrating birds pit-stop in Malta
Vassallo Builders presented sole bid for €25 million University residence
Magnificent meteor shower caught on camera
Handling hazardous waste at home
Six illegal trapping sites found, protected bird seized by police
Reconstruction of long-collapsed buildings allowed in ODZ: Front Harsien calls for policy review

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