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José Herrera dodges question on hunting during meeting with MEPs

The Maltese environment minister was asked how Malta oversees its derogation from the Birds Directive, but Jos...
eNGOs welcome PN’s green pledges

‘Finally, one of the two main parties has realised its role to protect health and quality of life of all...
PN would convince AUM to save Zonqor site - Busuttil

The PN has outlined a wide-reaching vision for the environment in a document launched today during which the o...
Higher rate of discarded vehicles leads to hazardous waste generation

The amount of hazardous waste generated in 2015 grew by 36.4% due to an increase in discarded vehicles and che...
New swan spotted in St Thomas Bay, wing injured - BirdLife Malta

BirdLife Malta has said that a Mute Swan observed in St Thomas Bay this morning was not part of the flock shel...
Questions raised over ninth tuna net off St Paul’s islands

Front Harsien ODZ calls on authorities to investigate as fish farm operator says extra cage ‘is a runner...
Maltreated animals discovered at illegally built factory extension

They were discovered during a direct-action operation by the Planning Authority to remove the illegally constr...
[WATCH] Laboratory Wharf pipeline leaks marine diesel

The source of the oil spill at the Grand Harbour was a leaking pipeline leading to Laboratory Wharf, but the s...
Wasteserv and ERA to develop landfill management policy in €14 million EU project

Waste management operator Wasteserv and the Environment and Resource Authority will be joining six other partn...
Major oil spill spreads across Grand Harbour

MaltaToday reader says he saw no evidence of any oil spill control activity whatsoever
Architects slates Planning Authority’s ‘unacceptable piecemeal reviews’

The Chamber of Architects has held that the review of the Grand Harbour Local Plan must be seen in the light o...
Planning Authority to partner regional agencies in €2 million maritime spatial project

The Planning Authority has joined 14 other regional agencies to carry out a €2 million project on maritim...
Get your scarves and beanies ready: hail storms and snow pellets expected before weekend

Weather forecast sees temperature dropping to 7°C, with hail showers and snow pellets expected Friday and ...
Predicting the weather for 2017: sun in January but rain in July?

The Irwiegel rules throws up strange weather forecasts for 2017, including sunshine in the winter and storms i...
In 2017 | With Trump towering, nations start the climate fight-back (hopefully)

2017 should be the year where more and more people start to understand the underlying causes of the environmen...