Changing seasons with Gourmet Today

Gourmet Today, out last Sunday with the Malta Today is full of recipes to inspire the remaining summer days and kick off the winter season in the kitchen.

Enjoy what’s left of the summer evenings with some of Michael Diacono’s chilled desserts that can be made in advance so you can spend your evening playing host rather than slaving in the kitchen.

Ron Barcelo whip up a range of rum cocktails from the cool and refreshing to wind down the summer to the spicy cinnamon shots that will keep you warm and fill the air with the scent of Christmas soon to come.

The cooler weather makes us look forward to afternoon tea again and how better to enjoy tea than with freshly baked cakes. Kay Cassar makes a fantastic moist banana cake and Pippa Mattei finds some hidden blackberries on country walks and goes home to make blackberry muffins, scones with blackberry compote and an apple and blackberry crumble among other berry treats.

As Halloween approaches, so does pumpkin season. Gaby Holland makes a spiced pumpkin soup to warm the cold, dark nights fast approaching.

The Middle East has more to offer than news of protests and falling governments. From a culinary perspective, the Middle East is a gem, using a vast array of ingredients from the warm spices to cool and refreshing vegetables. Maria Farrugia prepares a Lebanese meal of spicy chicken drumsticks made with paprika and coriander and muhammara – a Lebanese roasted pepper dish. On the side she serves a cool yoghurt dip and a refreshing tabboleh.

If you missed this issue of the Gourmet Today magazine contact us 21382741 or [email protected] and buy your copy for €2.

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