Experience the magic of fresh pasta with these recipes

Fresh pasta is perfect for stuffing to make ravioli or to simply enjoy with a homemade sauce. 

When you think of fresh pasta you may be thinking that it isn't worth the hassle. This is where you are wrong. Fresh pasta is not as difficult to make as you may think and once you've made it the first time there is no going back.

The trick to the richest pasta dough you can muster is separating the eggs and only using the yolk. You can easily pop the whites into a freezer bag and keep them for meringues on another day, or, if you don’t want to make the meringues or waste the remaining egg, simply use half the amount of the eggs and use the whole thing.

The way we enjoy fresh pasta most is when it is filled. Ravioli or tortellini are fun to make, especially if you involve friends, family and a glass of wine. So get into the kitchen this weekend and try some of these pasta recipes.

Fresh pasta dough

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This recipe for rich pasta dough can be used for any pasta recipe, whether you’re planning on tagliatelle or ravioli. For the filling, the sky is limit. Let your creativity be your guide or simply follow one of our recipes.

Ravioli stuffed with gbejniet in saffron butter and borage flowers

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Borage flowers grow like weeds around the countryside at this time of year. Grab some friends, go out for a walk and forage for some flowers, go home, crack open a bottle of wine and make this pasta together. That’s our idea of a perfect day out.

Homemade ravioli with Jerusalem artichokes

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Jerusalem artichokes provide all the flavour you need for this great dish, so keep your sauce simple.

Tortellaci with ricotta and spinach

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Stick to the basics with this easy recipe.

Buckwheat ravioli stuffed with courgettes and pistachios

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If you can’t eat gluten (or don’t want to) try these buckwheat ravioli that are completely gluten-free. Your gluten-loving friends will love them just as much as the regular kind so get them to eat something different for a change!

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