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As summer is hotting up we exchange long lazy afternoons wining and dining for beaches, bikinis and other such summer fun. Rather than giving up on food, we simply make a few changes.

Get some great summer recipes in the July issue of Gourmet Today
Get some great summer recipes in the July issue of Gourmet Today

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Out go the heavy stews, sauces and pies and in come the lighter fish meals and colourful salads.

Barbeques are synonymous with summer time. However they don't necessarily need to be simply boring burgers and sausages. Our homecooks create a fabulous fishy feast on the barbeque with grilled calamari and prawns for starters and a whole white fish cooked in cartoccio on the grill - simple, easy recipes that don't require hours of slaving in the kitchen. 

If you're bored of cooking the same old recipes day in day out, try some of Taiana's Brazilian recipes. Traditional feijoada - black beans with different cuts of pork all washed down with caipiroskas - perfectly refreshing on a hot evening. 

The fig season is relatively short with just a couple of months of luscious, juicy figs. Make the most of them with some of Pippa Mattei's delicious recipes.

On a hot afternoon cool yourself off with ice-cream sundaes. Rather than going out to find one, make them yourselves with your kids - an exercise they will find just as fun as indulging in it when they are ready. And if you're feeling really adventurous make your own ice-creams too.

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