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This summer’s been a scorcher and after so many days of incessant heat the last thing anyone wants to do is spend hours over a hot stove making elaborate dishes to impress friends.

Get some great recipes to cool you down in the mid-summer heat
Get some great recipes to cool you down in the mid-summer heat

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But a man's gotta eat and we still enjoy entertaining friends by the pool, on the boat or under the shade of a tree in the garden.

The trick to entertaining through the hot season is to make quick meals with minimal use of heat in the kitchen. Our homecooks prepare a completely raw meal that tantalise the taste buds - a cold, refreshing, garlicky almond soup, marinated tuna and a chocolatey amaretto mousse, without having to turn on the stove, oven, barbeque or anything else that can increase the temperature in the kitchen.

The long summer holidays are great fun at the end of the scholastic year but tend to become more challenging as the days drag on and the kids become harder and harder to entertain. Getting them into the kitchen will not only give them something useful to do but will also increase their interest in home-made food steering them away from the clutches of junk food.

Get a dose of Maltese love with Marilù's gourmet pastizzi without the guilt trip - or the heartburn - that always follows such indulgence. Low-fat pastizzi with some interesting fillings are sure to add a little bit of flavour to your summer parties.

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