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Huntington's disease: excitement as trial shows drug could slow down progression
Health 11-12

The results were hailed as 'enormously significant' as it is the first time any drug has been shown to suppress the effects of the disease’s mutation

MAM disagrees with construction of new outpatients department
Health 26-11

The Medical Association of Malta said that the Auditor General's report confirmed that outpatient waiting ...
Did we lose the war on drugs, or have we just surrendered?
Health 26-11

Dr Joseph Borg Ph.D • Calling the smoking cannabis “recreational” is ridiculous. Playing...
Mater Dei Hospital makes 22% gain on elective operations’ waiting-times
Health 24-11

Three years since an NAO audit, Mater Dei Hospital has recorded a general decrease in patient waiting-time for...
FDA approves first 'trackable' pill Abilify
Health 14-11

First approved back in 2002 by the FDA to treat schizophrenia, the Abilify pill works by 'sending a m...
Maltese girls are Europe’s fattest, WHO study in Lancet shows
Health 02-11

WHO study says the world will have more obese children and adolescents than underweight by 2022
Hidden illnesses: Behind bipolar disorder and mental health stigma
Health 01-11

'Only 2,000 of the 6,000 bipolar disorder patients in Malta are open about their condition to their friend...
US agrochemical giant Monsanto faces blowback over cancer cover-up
Health 31-10

A release of internal emails have revealed that Monsanto have ‘manipulated’ studies of the company...
Rehab charity says State should study addiction, not legalise cannabis
Health 31-10

Drug rehab charity OASI Foundation says perception that only heroin is harmful drug use, is misleading in miss...
XFM Radio’s Trudy Kerr on how running cured her epilepsy
Health 26-10

Trudy Kerr is best known in Malta as the lovable voice of the Big Drive Home on XFM, a Londoner who came here ...
All Maltese-produced eggs free of biocides and Fipronil residue
Health 25-10

No Fipronil residue present on Maltese farms, levels of Fipronil previously found were not a health hazar...
When journalists suffer in silence: the mental health risk of media workers
Health 25-10

Mental health risks associated with journalism shouldn’t be underestimated, psychologist warns 
The ruckus on IVF leave is complex. So are the PN’s reasons
Health 17-10

New regulations introduced last June allowed people undergoing in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment to claim...
Over 250,000 will fall ill due to flu season, minister warns
Health 15-10

The Health Department is stocking up on some 100,000 flu vaccines in a bid to get at least 85,000 people jabbe...
Patients at rundown Mount Carmel hospital ward moved to ‘new’ ward
Health 09-10

Female patients who were living in 'inhumane' conditions were transferred, with plans t...
Decline in Maltese teen pregnancies enters eighth year
Health 07-10

Malta may have reversed a worrying trend of teen pregnancies, but experts are not yet sure this is just down t...