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The ruckus on IVF leave is complex. So are the PN’s reasons
Health 17-10

New regulations introduced last June allowed people undergoing in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment to claim 100 hours of leave. The Nationalist Party is now objecting to the wording of the law. Kurt Sansone tries to understand why

Over 250,000 will fall ill due to flu season, minister warns
Health 15-10

The Health Department is stocking up on some 100,000 flu vaccines in a bid to get at least 85,000 people jabbe...
Patients at rundown Mount Carmel hospital ward moved to ‘new’ ward
Health 09-10

Female patients who were living in 'inhumane' conditions were transferred, with plans t...
Decline in Maltese teen pregnancies enters eighth year
Health 07-10

Malta may have reversed a worrying trend of teen pregnancies, but experts are not yet sure this is just down t...
Urgent appeal for O positive blood donors
Health 06-10

'The storm over the past days resulted in a lack of blood donations that has affected the O positive reser...
[WATCH] With 900 deaths annually, new national cancer plan unveiled
Health 04-10

Five year plan aims to make Malta a worldwide leader in cancer prevention and treatment, with all cancer medic...
Malta recall: Waitrose warns its luxury chocolate bars might contain pieces of plastic
Health 30-09

Four types of Waitrose 1 chocolate are affected by the warning
Rome outbreak of mosquito-borne illness prompts travel advice
Travel 19-09

Although there are no travel restrictions to Lazio region, travellers are still advised to take personal prote...
Free cancer medication for ovarian and cervical cancer announced
Health 18-09

35 patients expected to benefit from cancer medication which will be given for free
Catholic youths agree with discussion on abortion, 'if spoken in the light of truth'
Health 14-09

'Life should be protected from conception to natural death', Catholic youths say following a session o...
Some transgender people 'resorting to prostitution' to fund hormone treatment
Health 12-09

A black market for hormones is being fuelled by the lack of free resources available for transgender peop...
Buitoni Semolina contains undeclared soya traces, health directorate warns
Health 22-08

Consumers suffering from a soya allergy should avoid Buitoni Semolina in 250g packets, as the prodct contains ...
Infertile couples lash out at deceitful song that claims to tell 'embryo's story'
Health 21-08

The song plays on emotions and is devoid of any truth, Malta Infertility Network says
Private doctors to write repeat prescriptions for chronic disease sufferers
Health 11-08

Those suffering from chronic illness will only have to retrieve a prescription once every six months, as priva...
Church school kids’ waists suffer effects of lower physical activity
Health 11-08

Girls attending Church schools have a significantly larger waist circumference, than boys in all types of scho...
New SMS reminder system launched for out patients
Health 08-08

Text messages will remind out patients of appointments at Mater Dei Hospital, 10 days before