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[WATCH] First sectoral agreement covering ECG technicians signed
Health 05-07

Through the agreement signed, the first of its nature for ECG technicians, the workers will enjoy from a direc...
Obesity cost Malta €36.3 million in 2016
Health 05-07

The €36.3 million total is a conservative estimate of seven direct and five indirect obesity-related cost...
Amendments to IVF legislation yet to be drafted
Health 04-07

Amendments to the IVF legislation have yet to be drafted by the Ministry for Health, after which they will be ...
Health ministers call on governments for stronger restriction on unhealthy food
Health 27-06

Health ministers from eight small states of the WHO European region have called on governments on to ensure st...
Rapidly rising temperatures: how to avoid heat wave effects
Health 27-06

With temperatures rising to 36°C, to feel like 38°C, the Health Department has issued a public warning...
New bladder cancer drug on government formulary
Health 22-06

Around 300 cancer patients a year are expected to benefit from the new treatment, health minister says&nb...
Local research on response to medicine cited in reputable scientific journal
Health 22-06

Research by a local scientist studying the influence of genetics in patients’ responses to medicine has ...
Child Commissioner urges for caution in summer months
Health 19-06

The Commissioner for Children has called on all those responsible for children to take the necessary prec...
Breeders, pet owners urged against taking unvaccinated rabbits to l-Imnarja
Health 16-06

Local rabbit breeders and pet owners urged to protect their stock from an uncommonly strong strain of the Vira...
24% of Maltese started smoking before 15
Health 15-06

The Maltese are the second most likely in Europe after the Danes to have started smoking before they were 15
Keeping up bingeing tradition: Maltese teens tend to drink more than Europeans
Health 12-06

The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction’s annual report on Malta finds that fewer&nb...
Patient organisations call for national pain plan
Health 08-06

Patient organisation have called on the government to adopt by 2020 nine policy recommendations as part of a p...
No future privatisation of health services ‘without prior agreement with MAM’
Health 26-05

The Medical Association of Malta has signed two agreements with the government
President urges for early screening in bid to tackle maternal mental health disorders
Health 25-05

President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca said that it was time to push for EU directives aimed at highlighting the...
Labour pledges disability pensions for fibromyalgia sufferers
Health 16-05

Labour proposal will see sufferers of fibromyalgia and other 'hidden' conditions benefit from disabili...