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Malta to host conference on rare diseases in March
Health 01-12

Social Dialogue Minister Helena Dalli says that a conference organised by the European Organisation for Rare D...
[WATCH] Fearne: ‘Mater Dei alone cannot provide country with quality healthcare levels required’
Health 01-12

The medical sector requires collaboration with the private sector, as well as focus on research, health m...
Gay rights groups propose new treatment and easier access to HIV medication
Health 30-11

The Malta Gay Rights Movement and Allied Rainbow Communities advocated for a new HIV treatment protocol a...
Parliament’s health committee to examine hospital contracts
Health 25-11

The parliamentary committee on health matters has approved Claudette Buttigieg’s request to examine the ...
EU survey: Girls in Malta live longer, healthier lives
Health 24-11

Girls in Malta and boys in Sweden have the highest number of expected healthy life years, according to the Hea...
Health minister to consult bioethics committee on end-of-life care
Health 24-11

Health minister Chris Fearne says end-of-life care raises legal and moral questions, asks Bioethics Consultati...
[Watch] Know your rights: Charter outlines patient’s rights and responsibilities
Health 21-11

Minister says it is time for the country to stop planning from one election to the next and to have a long ter...
New ‘emergency’ rules allow hospital to purchase meds in under four days
Health 21-11

Under the emergency procurement rules, specific government entities can acquire up to €135,000 of service...
New board for mental health sector to be appointed - Chris Fearne
Health 17-11

A mental health board shall be appointed soon in order to align the work done by the government...
Health Ministry to investigate use of expired drugs
Health 11-11

Ministry stresses that department’s policy is to use medicines in the approved manner and before expiry ...
Simon Busuttil: Pregnant, diabetic women should be provided with glucose monitor
Health 08-11

Leader of the opposition says pregnant women who are also diabetic should be provided with Continuous Glucose ...
Vitals’ owners are Singaporean Oxley Capital and founding partner Mark Pawley
Health 04-11

Private investment firm Oxley Capital is the ultimate beneficial owner of Vitals Global Healthcare, the compan...
Seasonal influenza vaccine to be available next week
Health 03-11

The health ministry has said that this year’s seasonal influenza vaccine will be available as of next we...
[WATCH] Emergency contraception set to be available at Mater Dei for rape victims
Health 28-10

Health minister Chris Fearne says emergency contraception will be made available at Mater Dei for rape victims...
[WATCH] Ban on smoking in cars carrying minors will include electronic cigarettes
Health 25-10

Motorists caught smoking with minors in car will risk being slapped with a €50 fine, law to come into for...