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No out-of-stock medicine recorded during first half of 2016

Health Ministry marks 21 weeks of zero out-of-stock medicine, attributing results to the Labour government’s commitment to tackle the issue

Staff Reporter
29 July 2016, 7:58pm
There were no medicines reported to be out of stock during the first six months of 2016, the Ministry for Health announced this evening.

In a statement marking the “successes” in the health sector, the ministry for health expressed confidence that 2016 could become the year with a record low figure of out-of-stock medicine. Last year, Malta recorded 26 weeks were zero medicines were reported to be unavailable.

Health Minister Chris Fearne said the results were thanks to the Labour government and employees. Shortly after the 2013 election, the government ordered an external audit of the scheme that will delve into the procurement, storage and distribution of medicines.

The pharmacy of your choice (POYC) scheme serves around 140,000 patients through some 220 community pharmacies with an expenditure of over €25 million.