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Updated | Sexual health webpage updated to remove references to the Catholic Church
Health 17-06

The Health Department’s sexual health webpage was updated this morning to describe emergency contracepti...
‘Meals on wheels’ waiting list at 182
Health 14-06

36 applicants awaiting installation of the home help service
Public health professionals urge minister to appoint ‘qualified’ specialist as director
Health 09-06

Malta Association of Public Health Medicine Press object to appointment of dental surgeon as head of disease p...
How much does it cost to be healthy?
Health 03-06

Many continue to insist that living a healthy lifestyle isn’t feasible either due to financial constrain...
Updated | Government to pay for dental fillings provided by private dentists
Health 01-06

UHM orders industrial action at Mater Dei’s dentistry department due to the lack of action by the m...
MUMN files judicial protest over lack of recognition for physiotherapists
Health 31-05

MUMN to file judicial protese against government over its lack of recognition for physiotherapists
Health ministry offers free counselling services to quit smoking
Health 31-05

Statistics show that approximately 12% of 11 year old boys and 11% of girls admit to smoking, locally
Invitations for colorectal screening temporarily suspended
Health 27-05

Discrepancies noted between test kit barcodes and letters with attached barcodes
Eurostat: 476 deaths in Malta in 2013 ‘could have been avoided’
Health 24-05

One death out of three in the EU could have been avoided in the light of current medical knowledge and technol...
WHO says risk of Zika virus spreading in Europe ‘low to moderate’
Health 19-05

Risk of spread of Zika virus in Europe in the coming months considered low to moderate according to WHO
Global public health charter calls for added prevention and promotion
Health 16-05

Global Charter for public’s health calls for new leaders in public health and for the engagement of publ...
Underage drug addicts to get residential care
Health 06-05

Underage drug addicts will be provided residential care following a three-year contract signed between governm...
Heart attacks lead to one in five deaths in Malta
Health 05-05

Over a million persons died in the EU from a heart attack or a stroke
[WATCH] 41% of school-children in Malta are obese and overweight
Health 04-05

Health minister Chris Fearne launches Mediterranean diet in bid to fight obesity  
GSK Malta launches improved website to test Asthma control
Health 03-05

GSK Malta launches improved website to provide score for asthma sufferers and their control of the condition, ...