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Travel 20-10

Travelling is always risky business – get stuck in a touristy area and your meals are terrible as is the rest of your stay. Ines Bahr shows us how to travel around Havana like a native.

Into the mouth of the volcano of Mount Batur in Bali
Travel 13-10

Mount Batur and the lake inside it is a place that one must visit and preferably stay one or two nights. 

Azure Watch: against standardisation
Travel 06-10

The ‘Azure Watch’ project sought to find an alternative – and hopefully, more sensitive and truthful – ways of commemorating Gozo’s Azure Window

The Maltese motorcycle diaries – The road to Thac Ban Gioc
Travel 06-10

Almost 300km from Hanoi in Vietnam lie the waterfalls of Ban Gioc, which straddles the international borders between China and Vietnam, offering some of southeast Asia’s most scenic views

The Great Barrier Reef - an underwater treasure
Travel 22-09

It holds a wide diversity of marine and bird life, it's so big it can be seen from outer space - however, the Great Barrier Reef is being threatened

Rome outbreak of mosquito-borne illness prompts travel advice
Travel 19-09

Although there are no travel restrictions to Lazio region, travellers are still advised to take personal protective measures

Air Malta introduces 'go light' ticket fares at just €39
Travel 19-09

At just €39, travelers can now use Air Malta to travel to cities like London, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam 

Which are the flights Ryanair has cancelled up to end-October?
Travel 19-09

Airline’s chief executive, Michael O’Leary, apoligises after the airline says it will cancel 40-50 flights every day until end of October

Emirates celebrates the 100th A380 with special fares from Malta
Travel 18-09

The great value fares are also extended on flights in Business Class on companion basis

The dinosaur highway of Walmadany
Travel 15-09

Just 80km out of Broome, the coastline from Barred Creek all the way to the end of James Price Point is 'what I could only describe as a Gozo equivalent'

Rock climbing, beautiful beaches and French colonial forts
Travel 08-09

Depiste there being various beautiful places to visit in Vietnam, is Cat Ba Island, North East Vietnam the place to be?

Senglea’s Macina lights up Grand Harbour as Cugó Gran hotel nears opening
Travel 06-09

Senglea’s Maċina Bastion is given a brand new life following weeks of preparation and LED lighting additions - as an exclusive luxury accomodation Cugó Gran

Tasmania – The land where fairytales are created
Travel 01-09

Marc Casolani writes: Tasmania has so much to offer with such little distance to cover, this truly is a traveller’s dream

A little bit of luxury in Vietnam
Travel 25-08

Imagine beginning your day with nothing but the sound of waves and a stunning view. Then, after breakfast, walking the beach or swimming in the crystal clear waters

Almost half of Maltese tourists use coaches while on holiday
Travel 24-08

Surprisingly the survey shows that respondents in Malta (47%) and Cyprus (44%), both of which are surrounded by sea, are the most likely to travel to other countries using a coach

Maltese choosing better hotels over expensive travel
Travel 23-08

In the last three months of 2016, travellers spent 13.4% more on accommodation than they did in the same period the previous year

Malta in Airbnb top 20 value accommodation
Travel 22-08

Valletta was ranked the 17th European capital for the best value accommodation up for rent on holiday accommodation website Airbnb

Why a Kenya safari should be your next holiday
Travel 11-08

The magic of going on a safari is the dream of many; the smell of the rain when going out on a safari trip will be edged into your mind. But seeing the animals in their natural settings: just awe-inspiring. And Kenya is one of the best places to view game, including the Big 5, which makes it a great place to go to for a safari.

Stunning image of submerged Azure Window gives Dwejra top billing for scuba diving
Travel 11-08

Not all is lost... submerged in Gozo’s blue waters, the Azure Window is now accumulating marine life and offers scuba divers a new playground