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Court & Police 16:42

Magistrate hands a four year suspended sentence to a Romanian national who admitted to stealing a €500 mobile phone

National 16:17

Opposition joins environmental opposition to development taking place near Ta’ Hagrat World Heritage Site

National 15:53

Provides national forum to develop values of human dignity and equality

Court & Police 15:44

Court acquits man of raping his cousin, convicts him of offending public morals

National 14:52

Prime Minister meets 30 Mcast students who worked on a video projection that will be used for Malta's EU membership 10th anniversary celebrations.

Court & Police 14:08

Relapsing thief is imprisoned for a year for stealing sweets and cash from Valletta shops

Court & Police 14:02

25-year old youth placed under probation after court hears that he stole a driller to get money to help pay his uncle's rent

Europe 2014 13:35

Prime Minister unaware that distant relative was member of Senglea family he visited on campaign trail • Opposition leader says individuals close to PL’s core ‘get contacted by ministry’ when medicines are ready for pickup.

Court & Police 13:33

Gozitan mother and her two sons convicted of selling Sicilian honey under the pretence that it was traditionally produced in Malta

Europe 2014 10:55

PN secretary-general Chris Said takes government to task over “lack of results” in Gozo

National 10:19

Target to cut early school-leavers by half in six years’ time • Government to provide revision classes for those who fail their O-levels this summer

Interview 08:50

Actor and television presenter Ray Calleja speaks in the wake of the passing of the civil unions bill. While emotional about this landmark development, he’s also keen to emphasise that fairness is ultimately what matters

National 08:50

Is the Church’s measured response to the introduction of civil unions and gay adoptions a recognition of boundaries between State and Church, or a sign of weakness after the divorce debacle?

National 08:36

Stories from today's national press

National 08:00

Seven hotels can benefit from newly-approved policy to construct additional floors

Europe 2014 07:50

By Therese Comodini Cachia, PN candidate for the European Parliament elections

Europe 2014 07:49

By Cyrus Engerer, Labour candidate for the European Parliament elections

Europe 2014 07:48

by Stefano Mallia, PN candidate for the European Parliament elections

Reporter 07:47

Auxiliary Bishop Charles Scicluna: 'What preoccupies me is the dictatorship of moral relativism, where every idea is given the same weighting'

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