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Europe 2015 21:19

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat confirms Greek government prepared to cancel referendum if third bail out agreed

National 19:18

Former investments minister Austin Gatt testifies in the Public Accounts Committee on the NAO report into Enemalta's fuel procuremment

National 18:24

Economy Minister Chris Cardona says Karl Cutajar, 18, has resigned from his directorship role

National 18:24

Claudio Grech argues that Bank of Valletta should have granted parliamentary secretary unpaid leave, rather than a €260,000 early retirement package. 

National 16:50

The Malta Police Association is protesting against a rule that prohibits public officers from bidding for confiscated items which were being sold by auction

National 16:28

30c two-hour ticket for elderly, children and disabled extended until 7th July

National 16:22

Opposition MP Jason Azzopardi defends decision by previous government to compensate landowner €404,000 for land originally estimated at €60,000

National 16:13

Malta to benefit from new European Funds under the Connecting European Facility

Court & Police 16:12

Court rules that in spite of the delays, which led to his trial taking “longer than was strictly necessary,” there was no breach of Holme's right to justice with a reasonable time

World 15:39

Women and children among hundreds saved from the Mediterranean Sea

Court & Police 15:38

Jean Paul Aquilina, accused of dangerous driving, disobeying police orders and assaulting police officers who had pulled him over for driving erratically, is claiming that he had been brutally attacked by the police.

Europe 2015 14:47

European Commission launches call for proposals under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) to help finance key trans-European energy infrastructure projects

World 13:56

Marketing manager sets up a website to raise €1.6 billion in donations for debt-stricken Greece by Sunday

Court & Police 13:43

Defendants who were going to sell another portion of the controversial Valletta property now have doubts on the good faith of the sale.

World 12:43

Greece discusses an 11th hour proposal by European Commission President that would allow it to repay part of its debt to the IMF, the deadline of which is tonight. 

Court & Police 12:42

Psychologist Mariella Blackman, wife of evangelist pastor Gordon-John Manché, files defamation suit against Times

Europe 2015 10:40

While roaming prices will decrease drastically already in 2016, they will be completely phased out by June 2017.

Court & Police 10:40

10 Nigerian irregular immigrants were repatriated since April in three separate Frontex-coordinated flights 

Court & Police 10:28

15-year-old suffers hand and facial burns after igniting a petard part that subsequently exploded in his face. 

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