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National 21:25

Nationalist MP Antoine Borg says that legislation should be revised to either reduce minimum prison sentence term or increase discretion of judges to hand down suspended sentences in similar cases

Berlin Christmas market attack: Victims’ relatives bemoan authorities’ negligence
World 21:02

Families tell German president they feel abandoned and express dismay that official memorial service has not been planned

Six new candidates for PN
National 20:47

Opposition approves six new candidates, including CEO of IT company 6PM Ivan Bartolo

Iklin shop held up by 'armed and hooded man'
Court & Police 20:35

Police are investigating reports of a hold-up at an Iklin shop, where an 'armed and hooded man' is alleged to have made off with an amount of cash

Updated | Regulator's €10,000 fine on Melita plc over inaction on cancellation requests confirmed on appeal
Court & Police 20:29

The Administrative Review Tribunal upheld a fine imposed on telephony and internet service provider Melita plc, ruling that there was no doubt that the Malta Communications Authority was competent to issue fines on matters falling within its remit

Cardona’s Twitter spat brings out all the boys into the playground
National 20:14

Minister, government appointees, PN apparatchiks and activists go nuts in Twitter spat

'Hands off protection of journalists' sources,' representatives warn ministers
National 20:10

Ministers meet representatives of Institute of Maltese Journalists to discuss the Media and Defamation Act and questions and objections raised by journalists

Cancer patients to be able to participate in clinical trials
National 18:30

Data tabled in parliament shows that 710 patients died of cancer in the first nine months of 2016, including one patient under 15 years of age

Nationalist MEPs: Police chief disrupting Panama investigation into money laundering
National 18:24

Socialist MEP Ana Gomes: ‘Unacceptable that Keith Schembri challenges our legal standing’

[WATCH] Ghanian migrant’s voluntary return process was halted over unpaid court fines
National 16:59

Frederick Ofosu, 32, who took his own life on Monday, had applied for voluntary return to Ghana but the process was halted over unpaid court fines

74 dead asylum-seekers wash up on Libyan beach from boat with no engine
World 16:37

The bodies of 74 asylum-seekers who drowned in the Mediterranean trying to reach Europe have washed up on a beach west of the Libyan capital

Helena Dalli announces bill to legalise gay marriages
National 16:37

Gay marriage bill in the pipeline, will be 'more than just a cosmetic name change' from civil unions 

Security forces to be given 'more resources' to investigate bombings, says minister
National 16:10

The government intends to increase human resources as well as introduce legislative changes to clamp down on organised crime

Government yet to publish CapitalOne inquiry report
National 15:44

Office of the Prime Minister it will ‘eventually’ publish the inquiry’s report after analysing the document

Man jailed for 14 months after traces of heroin were found in prison cell
Court & Police 14:58

A prison inmate has been jailed for 14 months after heroin traces were found in his prison cell in 2012

[WATCH] Tweet lands Prime Minister in Alternattiva's crosshairs
National 14:14

Alternattiva Demokratika has accused the Prime Minister and the Labour Party of breaching legislation regulating the financing of political parties, after the party made use of Girgenti Palace on Saturday

France arrests three on suspicion of planning attack
World 14:00

Three people have been arrested in France on suspicion of plotting a terrorism attack

Reckless driver has licence suspended for eight days, fined €2,000
Court & Police 13:29

A man has been fined and had his driving licence temporarily revoked after he was found guilty of injuring four women in a head-on collision 

Democratic Party calls for independent task force against organised crime
National 12:21

The Democratic Party has called for an independent task force to be set up separately from the Malta Police Force, with the aim at clamping down on organised crime in Malta

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