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National 23:13

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat nominates MaltaToday editor Saviour Balzan, Times editor Steve Mallia and energy minister Konrad Mizzi • minister picks Ira Losco for ice bucket challenge... the world waits, with bated breath

National 19:54

Archbishop Paul Cremona leads prayer vigil in Mellieha for persecuted minorities

National 17:40

Ministry for Justice says Opposition should show ‘political maturity over sensitive issues’ • Mario de Marco says parliament had to be allowed to discuss Farrugia Sacco’s impeachment even though judge’s sacking was ‘not a foregone conclusion’ given Labour’s nine-seat majority

Court & Police 16:23

At least 20 rounds fired from a military-style assault rifle • 'Murder cannot be a stand-alone killing, but part of a series of murders. The modus operandi of the murders are very similar'

National 16:23

Opposition says there should be no discrimination between businesses and households

National 15:50

Health sector should not be used to gain political brownie points, Nationalist Party spokesperson for health says

Court & Police 14:25

Gozo court upholds police appeal, lifts ban on the publication of priest's name; priest identified as Fr Jesmond Gauci, known as Il-Papa.

Court & Police 14:02

Court hears victim’s brother recount circumstances leading to his sister’s rape

Court & Police 13:25

22-year-old granted bail after pleading not guilty to assaulting, slightly injuring, and threatening police Sergeant and Constable.

Court & Police 13:19

Accused "jumped on the bonnet of police car" in attempt to escape arrest

World 13:03

Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi tells forces to brace for escalation as rebel deadline for his government to quit expires.

National 12:36

Government presents new application for additional graves and charnel houses, and space for the burial of ash urns

National 12:31

New plans submitted by Gasan Group foresee a 34-storey tower next to Villa Drago in Sliema - up from 23.

Court & Police 12:05

HSBC heist suspect Vince Muscat ‘il-Kohhu’ questioned over murder of man he had accused of having shot at him back in April

Court & Police 11:40

‘Tyson Butcher’ Jonathan Pace, accused of the attempted murder of Vince Muscat ‘il-Kohhu’ had his bail reconfirmed by an Appeals Court despite the prosecution’s objections

National 11:28

In the second quarter the volume of fresh fruit and vegetables edged up by 0.1%, whereas the wholesale value decreased by 11.4% compared to last year

National 11:04

New accessibility symbol launched by National Commission for Persons with Disability

World 09:12

Chad and South Africa beef up restrictions on infected countries despite warnings of possible food shortages.

World 09:04

Nation in mourning as remains of passengers killed when Malaysia aircraft was downed over Ukraine are flown home.

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