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MaltaToday survey: The undecided voter and the rule of law
Data & Surveys 08:55

A MaltaToday survey found that the undecided and those who would not vote accounted for 6.5% and 15.7% respectively. A majority of these voted PN in the election but where do they stand now on the rule of law. Kurt Sansone reports

Black Friday sales in Malta on the rise with every passing year
National 08:45

This Friday marks Black Friday, a day (sometimes more) of discounts and sales, kicking off the Christmas shopping season

Apple supplier stops illegal overtime at iPhone X factory
World 08:36

At least six students were found to be working 11 hour days at an iPhone X plant, breaching Chinese laws

[WATCH] Manus island: police storm island refugee camp
World 08:23

A deteriorating humanitarian crisis... Papua New guinean police and immigration officers are entering the former detention centre in an attempt to move all detainees out

[WATCH] PN's IVF leave motion defeated after Busuttil and MPs stay away from vote
National 22-11

Final vote: 37 against, 21 in favour, with six PN MPs who disagreed with motion absent for vote after leader Adrian Delia refused to give free vote • Democratic Party MPs opposed the PN motion

Tribunal says PBS axing of Claudette Buttigieg was abusive
Court & Police 22-11

A tribunal says a decision by PBS to stop Nationalist MP Claudette Buttigieg from presenting a television show after she announced her candidature, was abusive

PN candidate Norman Vella disassociates himself from party's IVF leave motion
National 22-11

The NET TV presenter joins the dissenting voices within the Nationalist Party against a motion presented by the party to strike off a legal notice granting 100 hours of leave to women undergoing IVF treatment

Silvio Berlusconi goes to European court to fight election ban
World 22-11

Six years after he was forced from office, former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is set to attend a hearing on Wednesday 

Limiting cannabis options forces patients to use black market, ReLeaf says
National 22-11

Cannabis law reform group ReLeaf says forcing patients to buy ‘expensive’ extracts will leave them no option but to turn to the black market

Germany: six arrested over Christmas market terror plot
World 22-11

Six Syrians, 'suspected of being members of the foriegn terrorist organisation that calls itself the Islamic State', were arrested in connection the planning of a terror attack on a German Christmas market

Japan: US navy aircraft crash: eight rescued, three still missing
World 22-11

Eight people are in 'good condition' following a US navy aircraft crash, which took place about 500 nautical miles southeast of Okinawa 

Caruana Galizia family want court to remove minister's husband from police investigation
Court & Police 22-11

Daphne Caruana Galizia's family want Deputy Police Commissioner Silvio Valletta removed from the murder investigation, claiming he could have a conflict of interest

Lebanon: prime minister Saad Hariri suspends his resignation
World 22-11

Returning to Beirut on Tuesday, Hariri announced that he is suspending his resignation. 'Our nation today needs at this sensitive time exceptional efforts from everyone'

Would-be security guards charged with theft
Court & Police 22-11

Andre Bugeja, 19, and Massimo Fasanelli, 18, were arraigned and accused of breaking into a house and stealing €1,500 in cash

[WATCH] Domestic violence: We just don’t know how big the problem is
National 22-11

Domestic violence is the most underreported crime in Malta, Equality Minister Helena Dalli says during the unveiling of a 16-day awareness campaign

[WATCH] Ratko Mladic convicted of genocide at UN tribunal, sentenced to life imprisonment
World 22-11

Nicknamed the 'butcher of Bosnia' Mladic, former commander of the Bosnian Serb army, was sentenced to life imprisonment for war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity

Woman grievously injured in motorbike accident in Marsa
Court & Police 22-11

A pillion rider was injured this morning when the motorbike rider lost control

Updated | PN funds to run out by end of January
National 22-11

The Nationalist Party is selling more of its clubs – including the Zejtun and Naxxar clubs – in a bid to boost finances, which will otherwise not last beyond the end of January • PN denies its finances are in a dire state • Ann Fenech reacts

Six PN MPs broke ranks with their party and now face a backlash
PN's IVF leave motion defeated: 37 against, 21 in favour
Helena Dalli on violence against women
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