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Mexico earthquake: over 200 dead, buildings toppled
World 08:21

At least 226 people have died following the hit of a 7.10-magnitude earthquake, which hit Mexico on Tuesday

Accidental overdose suspected in Gozo teen’s untimely death
National 08:00

In an on-going investigation, the sudden death of 15-year-old Jessica Zahra shocked the Gozitan community, amidst reports that cause of death may have been accidental overdose

Delia criticises government on its threat to ‘break industrial law’ on Air Malta
National 19-09

The new PN leader also criticised the Prime Minister for ‘choosing the go abroad’ during the country’s Independence Day celebrations, while making no mention of how he plans to obtain a parliamentary seat

Police seize 1kg of material suspected to be heroin
Court & Police 19-09

Five suspects have been remanded in custody after a raid in Marsa which resulted in a shed they were in, catching fire

Malta at the forefront of polio elimination fight
World 19-09

As chair of the Commonwealth, Malta will continue urging leaders to commit more resources to eliminate polio

PN’s coalition partner ready to take up place on waste committee
National 19-09

Whilst the PN has so far turned down a government invitation on a waste management committee, the PD has stepped in, declaring that it would nominate Godfrey Farrugia 

Police action in Marsa ‘not just about African nationals’, Minister insists
National 19-09

Michael Farrugia rejects accusations that the police force was engaging in acts of racial profiling, insisting that only this morning Maltese nationals were arrested in a Marsa raid

Donald Trump warns US may have to 'totally destroy' North Korea
World 19-09

US President describes Kim Jong-un as a 'rocket man' on a suicide mission, in his first speech to the UN General Assembly


Two men charged with separate rapes of two teenage girls
Court & Police 19-09

Two girls, both from Haz-Zabbar, were the victims of rape at the hand of two men who should have been taking care of them

Government launches training program for prison inmates
National 19-09

The €1 million project will be funded through the European Social Fund and will aim to give inmates training before actually leaving prison

[WATCH] Sliema roof caves in after crane drops bricks, no injuries reported
National 19-09

Luck escape for 51-year-old woman who was lying in bed listening to the radio when pieces of bricks landed right next to her

Cospicua parish priest embraces pair accused of stealing from his Church
Court & Police 19-09

Criminal proceedings against two persons charged with stealing ornaments and sacred objects from the Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception continue

Bar room phone thief, captured on CCTV, pleads guilty
Court & Police 19-09

A Romanian man admitted to stealing a woman’s mobile phone from a bar after being caught on CCTV and arrested

Expert confirms that 70kg Ghadira suspected drug haul was cannabis
Court & Police 19-09

Proceedings against a man and a woman arrested in connection to cannabis resin found on a boat endering Ghadira bay continue

Another door closes on PN leader Adrian Delia’s bid to take up a seat in the House
National 19-09

The former Mosta mayor and now Nationalist MP, Ivan Bartolo, refused to resign his seat during a meeting held with Clyde Puli and Pierre Portelli

Valletta local council to move into Café Premier by year’s end
National 19-09

Restoration works underway at the iconic site of Café Premier, controversially expropriated in 2014

Kappara Project: bicycle NGO says ‘it’s time to be politically brave’
National 19-09

The Bicycle Advocacy Group welcome the Kappara project, but put forth requests, in order to make life easier for bicycle riders and pedestrians

[WATCH] Air Malta hives off ground handling operations
National 19-09

A new government company has been set up to take control of ground handling operations, servicing Air Malta and other airlines

Scicluna says ‘trust the market’ on Malta’s rising rental prices
Sliema roof caves in after crane drops bricks, no injuries reported
Air Malta hives off ground handling operations
Chris Fearne addressed the gas leak incident during a press conference earlier today
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