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Laws to be updated with harsher penalties for uprooting trees
National 27-11

A total of 17 new species of trees will be added to the list of protected trees in the updated Trees and Woodlands Protection Regulation

[WATCH] China: factory explosion south of Shangai destroys city
World 27-11

Agt least two were killed and 30 others injured when a factory explosion shook a port city south of Shanghai

No bail for drug-addicted pensioner, charged after 37 years of constant law-breaking
Court & Police 27-11

Angelus Vella, 65, was arraigned this morning, accused of defrauding the owner of Mike's Service Station, conspiracy in fraudulent gain, breaching bail and relapsing

[WATCH] Voluntary organisations to have free access to Protection of Minors Register
National 27-11

They will now be able to determine whether prospective employees are on the register without having to pay the normal fee

House of Cards filming to resume within two weeks
World 27-11

The hit show is set to return to production as of 8 December, following the sexual harassment allegations made against Kevin Spacey

Courtroom showdown between Metsola and man who said she should be burned alive
Court & Police 27-11

The sitting ended in disarray after Navarro’s daughter collapsed and had to be carried out of the courtroom

Norway: more than 100 reindeer killed by freight trains in 'bloodbath'
World 27-11

Over 100 of the animals were killed on a track, in the space of less than a week, reported the public broadcaster NRK

Man accused in stabbing case posts bail
Court & Police 27-11

A 28-year-old Nigerian man was released on bail after grievously injuring a fellow countryman on Sunday

[WATCH] Prince Harry to wed girlfriend Meghan Markle
World 27-11

Prince Harry, is to marry American actress Meghan Markle in Spring 2018

[WATCH] Tenerife nightclub floor collapses, injuring 40
World 27-11

British, French, Romanian and Belgian people were amongst the injured when the dancefloor gave way

Pope Francis begins Myanmar trip
World 27-11

Pope Francis, the first Pope ever to visit the southeast Asian nation

[WATCH] Bali: Mount Agung alert raised to highest level possible
World 27-11

Fears of an imminent eruption of Bali’s Mount Angung have mounted ands the evacuation zone around the volcano has been widened

North Korea: area where soldier escaped being fortified
World 27-11

Though no public comment has been made regarding the incident, the area where North Korea soldier and defector escaped on 13 November is being fortified

Man grievously injured in Paceville fight
Court & Police 27-11

An argument broke out between two 19-year-olds in Paceville this morning

Police consider fuel smuggling link to lawyer arson attack
National 27-11

The lawyer in question filed a case in which she is contesting an agreement hammered out between various individuals for a €2 million settlement with an Italian fuel company

Independent school teachers mull move to better-paying state schools
National 27-11

Concerned independent school teachers said many of their colleagues were considering transferring to a state or church school, where teachers’ salaries were on average already better than theirs

German federal police will pass on Panama Papers data to Malta, PN demands inquiry
National 26-11

The Nationalist Party has called for an independent inquiry led by three retired judges into the Panama Papers data, and not a police investigation

Sacked FIAU official investigated money laundering breach by Malta PEPs
National 26-11

Jonathan Ferris: “Whether they’re guilty or not is up to a court to decide [but] how can reports of breaches of law, especially on money laundering, not be investigated?”

The moment when the three men accused of murdering Daphne Caruana Galizia were escorted out of the law courts to be taken back to prison after the case against them will have to be re-assigned to a new magistrate
Accused face their first sitting in compilation of evidence against them for murder of journalist
Daphne Caruana Galizia murder and aftermath - a timeline
Eyes on the road: behind the 27 cameras monitoring Malta’s traffic problem
What do people think of political party fund raisers
Menqa shed used by criminals under police and army watch
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