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[WATCH] MDA proposes scheme for affordable housing in return for extra floors
National 28-09

Parliamentary secretary for social housing Roderick Galdes said that 149 landlords had offered their property for affordable housing since the government launched its social housing scheme less than a month ago

Owner of Porsche used by drug traffickers failed to report stolen car keys
Court & Police 28-09

Two individuals accused of importing up to 70kg of cannabis resin were found an arrested by members of the Drugs Squad as they were about to drive away in the sportscar 

Bali: Over 134,000 evacuated as ‘increasingly active’ volcanoes continue to rumble
World 28-09

Thousands have been evacuated on the Indonesian island of Bali and on Ambae island in Vanuatu as two volcanoes threaten to erupt

China government orders shutdown of all North Korea-connected businesses
World 28-09

China’s government has ordered North Korean owned businesses and ventures with Chinese partners to close, under UN sanctions over Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programmes

Qbajjar murder trial | Victim was face down on ground when car struck him
Court & Police 28-09

Victim John Spiteri died from complications from crush injuries suffered when he was pinned under the car driven by Gerald Galea

PBS board of directors pass no confidence motion against John Bundy
National 28-09

PBS Chief Executive John Bundy has lost the confidence of the board of directors, a letter to the Chairman seen by MaltaToday confirms

Ukraine: Leaders blame ‘sabotage’ for explosion at munitions depot
World 28-09

'This is the arsenal of the Ukrainian Army, and I think it was no accident that it was destroyed' said Ukraine PM Volodymyr Hroysman, following explosions that prompted the evacuation of over 30,000

€24 million project for the regeneration of lower Valletta announced
National 28-09

EU-funded project aims to add value to Valletta’s heritage, improve infrastructure and social housing

British film-maker killed by Isis militants in Syria
World 28-09

Mehmet Aksoy, 32, from London, was working as a press officer for Kurdish forces in Raqqa when the military base was attacked

Three nominations so far for casual election to replace Jean-Pierre Debono
National 28-09

The casual election to replace Jean Pierre Debono will take place on 3 October, with candidates being able to submit their nominations between 26 and 30 September

North Korea: the South expects more provocative action by mid-October
World 28-09

Pyongyang is expected to act around the dates of 10 and 18 October, according to national security adviser, as those dates coincide with the anniversary of the founding of its communist party and China's communist party congress

North Korea prisoner Otto Warmbier showed no signs of torture - US coroner
World 28-09

Parents of Otto Warmbier, 22, claimed that their son was tortured in Pyongyang, when he was arrested for attempting to steal a propaganda poster. According to US coroner, his body was in 'excellent conidition'

Mount Carmel is ‘revolving door’ for former patients with nowhere to go
National 28-09

New ward so overcrowded that mattresses are being placed on the floor so as to have enough sleeping places for incoming patients

Hugh Hefner, iconic founder of Playboy, has died at age 91
World 28-09

Hugh Hefner dead at 91: Playboy founder and publishing legend stoked the sexual revolution with his iconic magazine

[WATCH] Adrian Delia says leadership rival Chris Said should contest deputy leader role
Xtra 27-09

PN leader Adrian Delia refused to explicitly support leadership rival Chris Said, but said he would be “good for the role”

UN chief officer dubs Malta’s equality laws as ‘gold standard’
National 27-09

Chief of Equality and Non-Discrimination at the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights endorses the government’s work on equal rights for all

Qbajjar murder trial: Witness says he saw accused drive right over victim
Court & Police 27-09

The jury were read the testimony of a bystander, who claims to have seen Gerard Galea, 67, run over John Spiteri, 45, who died shortly after

Two acquitted over meter tampering, court urges more caution from police on charges
Court & Police 27-09

A magistrate has slammed lackadaisical practices that have led to the failure to convict persons accused of tampering with their electricity meters

Brussels commemorates slain journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia
MaltaToday asked people in Valletta today how they felt about Daphne Caruana Galizia's assassination
Customs Department destroys counterfeit shoes (Footage: Customs Department)
Adrian Delia calls for Prime Minister’s resignation over Caruana Galizia murder
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