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Women for Women group offered air time to discuss programme's 'sexist message'
National 17-11

Women’s rights Facebook group, who complained of sexist message on an FLiving channel programme, offered air time to bring forth their arguments following meeting with Broadcasting Authority

Disappearing evidence: Karin Grech family members file court protest over missing envelope fragments
Court & Police 17-11

Family say AG, Commissioner of Police and the Director General of Courts responsible for lack of investigation progress, argue missing envelope fragments could have shed light on the crime

Request to make Ta Qali stadium more disabled friendly turned down by court
Court & Police 17-11

The judge ruled that the request was not a reasonable one and that not every inconvenience amounted to discrimination

Clyde Puli will be PN’s next secretary-general, Pierre Portelli to head party media
National 17-11

New PN leader Adrian Delia has stamped his authority inside the PN with allies Clyde Puli and Pierre Portelli in two sensitive party posts.

Patrick Spiteri bail revoked after AG's appeal
Court & Police 17-11

Spiteri has been in custody since may after he was extradited to Malta from England to face charges of fraud and misappropriation that total some €7.4 million. He was granted bail in one of his pending cases last week

John Bundy planning to sue PBS over dismissal on procurement fracas, says he met Prime Minister
National 17-11

Dismissed PBS CEO says financial controller, procurement manager and sales and marketing manager attended closing of deal with leasing company

Zimbabwe's Mugabe refuses to resign
World 17-11

Deposed President, Robert Mugabe refuses to resign after a military takeover earlier this week

Maritime organisation’s response to Commissioner’s yacht VAT letter to finance minister
National 17-11

Malta’s VAT guidelines on yacht leasing are in line with those found in the relevant EU directive, the organisations maintain

[WATCH] Mafia 'boss of bosses' Toto' Riina dies aged 87
World 17-11

The notorious Sicilian Mafia boss was serving 26 life sentences and was believed to have ordered the killing of more than 150 men, including the 1992 murders of anti-mafia magistrates Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino

India: App fights porn addiction with devotional songs and political speeches
World 17-11

Developer says software will also contain prayers so it can be used by ‘members of all religions’

Football refs give Gzira FC boss the red card
National 17-11

Claims made by the Gzira United FC president of referees in Malta being incompetent were rebuffed  

Allure of Maltese band clubs defies culture shift
National 17-11

51.6% of the population believe band clubs are good for Maltese culture and tradition and with over 23,000 current members, they don't seem to be going anywhere

Maltese farmers fear farming could become a hobby
National 17-11

Safeguarding farming in Malta requires urgent reforms, a revealing study by Friends of the Earth shows

[WATCH] Robert Arrigo acknowledges PN has a problem as Toni Bezzina emphasises importance of meeting people
Xtra 16-11

Both deputy leader for party affairs candidates said that Delia would be a worthy rival to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat come next election

Silent protest held in honour of Daphne Caruana Galizia
National 16-11

Demonstrators walked through republic street stopping in front of the law courts where they placed flowers and candles in front of a memorial or the slain journalist

Missing explorer Benedict Allen found ‘alive and well’ in Papua New Guinea
World 16-11

The UK explorer, who had been missing in Papua New Guinea for three weeks, is waiting to be picked up from a remote airstrip

Attempt to press fresh charges against Patrick Spiteri 'could cause diplomatic incident'
Court & Police 16-11

Spiteri was extradited to Malta from England in May to face charges of fraud and misappropriation that total some €7.4 million

Government hits back at criticism over Egrant whistleblower arrest warrant
National 16-11

It stressed that arrest warrants were issued by the courts independently from the any other institution and that government was obliged to respect the rule of law

Health Minister Chris Fearne on medicinal cannabis
President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca on children's policy
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