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[WATCH] 12 cases of abuse on minors reported to Church commission
National 21-07

The Safeguarding Commission received a total of 24 reports of alleged cases of abuse, half of which involved minors • Commission forced ‘to restrict pastoral activity’ in seven cases

Man suffers grievous injuries as car crash pushes stationary vehicle onto him
Court & Police 21-07

A man was hospitalised this morning after a traffic collision in Qormi pushed a stationary van forward, hitting the victim

Ronnie Mackay jailed again for match-fixing, court demands harsher penalties
Court & Police 21-07

Match-fixer for under-21 Malta-Montenegro match gets two years’ jail, but Magistrate calls for increase in the punishments for corruption in sport and ban on offenders from attending sporting events

Counterfeit producers held by Malta Customs almost double in a year
National 21-07

Counterfeit and undeclared products held by the Malta’s Customs rise from 46 to 87 cases in a year

Polish parliament inches closer to removing all Supreme Court judges
World 21-07

If passed, the Bill will force all Supreme Court judges to go to retirement

Israeli police bar Muslim young men from entering holy area
World 21-07

Only men over the age of 50 and women are allowed in

McCain’s cancer deprives Senate of crucial vote, says Trump critic
World 21-07

The Senator's absence could rob Republicans of the vote they need

Two killed, scores injured as 6.7-magnitude quake hits Turkish and Greek coasts
World 21-07

A strong earthquake in the Aegean Sea has killed at least two people on the Greek island of Kos

Germany vows economic steps against Turkey as row escalates
World 21-07

Germany on Thursday vowed stinging measures hitting tourism and investment in Turkey and a full ‘overhaul’ of their troubled relations

[WATCH] Busuttil lambasts Schembri’s police complaint as a ‘fascist attack on democracy’
National 20-07

Simon Busuttil accuses Joseph Muscat of ‘buying thousands of votes through corrupt practices’

GWU contradicts Palumbo Shipyards statement on employee’s dismissal
National 20-07

The union called on the shipyard operator to stop intimidating its workers, while the company has claimed to have rightfully dismissed an employee who was still under probation

Cocaine trafficking trial by jury nears end
Court & Police 20-07

The trial by jury of Ikechukwu Stephen Egbo – accused of conspiring to pick up a drug mule carrying cocaine to Malta from the Netherlands – is drawing to an end as defence and prosecution deliver final address

[WATCH] Malta’s IT industry is growing, but is not yet attracting enough women
National 20-07

Fresh off a disparaging EU study on gender equality, a junior minister emphasises the government's concern over lack of female participation in the ICT industry

Man admits to assaulting ex-partner
Court & Police 20-07

A man is being held in custody awaiting his sentence after he admitted earlier today to having physically attacked his estranged partner

Man chased by police suffers grievous injuries in motorcycle crash
Court & Police 20-07

A motorcyclist was grievously injured yesterday evening as he crashed into a parked car while trying to escape police

Biker to blame for incident which left him grievously injured, court says
Court & Police 20-07

A driver who was involved in a traffic accident that left a motorcyclist grievously injured has been cleared of dangerous driving charges

Labour calls for PAC inquiry into Fekruna expropriation, Spinola property sale
National 20-07

Labour says two audit reports expose lack of good governance and transparency by the last PN administration 

EU institute flags lack of in-depth studies on women employment in Malta
Europe 20-07

EIGE: A more gender equal society leads to positive GDP growth, higher level of employment and productivity and is better able to respond to challenges arising from an ageing population

New drink-driving campaign targets sea vessel drivers
Michelle Muscat begins charity swim
Brie and Bacon Salad
12 cases of abuse on minors reported to Church commission
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