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Think tank calls for cross-party collaboration to address ‘complex’ policy issues
National 25-05

Today Public Policy Institute has called for political parties to collaborate in finding solution to ‘complex and intractable’ policy issues following the 3 June election

PM won’t speculate on Russian link, insists he received ‘specific’ information on meddling
Election 2017 25-05

On allegations that Russia may be meddling with Maltese elections, Prime Minister reiterates that he had received prior information from foreign intelligence agencies of possible external influence

[ANALYSIS] Land use on the electoral backburner?
Election 2017 25-05

After having left new local plans for completion till after the next election, the present administration has unleashed a spectre which will return to haunt the green electorate in a couple of months time. How are the parties rising to the occasion?

This is a soap opera, not an election
Election 2017 25-05

When it comes to reporting, or journalism of any kind, the wording is extremely important, one word placed in the wrong sequence can completely change the meaning of an entire sentence of headline

[WATCH] Marlene Farrugia not for sale, Busuttil insists
Election 2017 25-05

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil ridicules 'suggestions' that Russian president Vladimir Putin could be concerned about the outcome of the Maltese election so much as to plant undercover agents to undermine prime minister Joseph Muscat

Trump meets wary NATO and EU for ‘tough’ talks in Brussels
World 25-05

US President Donald Trump is in Brussels for what his team are describing as 'tough' talks with other members of the NATO

Jakarta bus station double suicide bombing kills three police officers
World 25-05

Double suicide bombings in the Indonesian capital Jakarta have killed three police officers and injured 10 people

[WATCH] Joseph Muscat addresses press conference
Election 2017 25-05

Prime Minister and Labour Party leader Joseph Muscat addresses a press conference in Buskett

US warship tests Beijing claims in South China Sea
World 25-05

A US warship has sailed close to an artificial island built by China in the South China Sea, the first challenge to Beijing's claim to the waters since President Donald Trump took office

Brazil's Temer orders troops in after protesters trash ministries
World 25-05

Brazilian soldiers deployed to defend government buildings in Brasilia after protesters demanding the exit of President Michel Temer smashed their way into ministries and fought with riot police

Manchester terror attack probe widens as police angered by US leaks
World 25-05

British police are ‘furious’ as details about the investigation into the Manchester bombing were leaked to US media

43.3% of floating voters undecided
Data & Surveys 25-05

MaltaToday’s latest survey indicated that 43.3% of floating voters are still claiming they are undecided while a further 8% of this category did not reply when asked for their voting intentions

Good governance, Russian meddling dominate BA press conference
Election 2017 24-05

The tourism minister said he was convinced that Egrant allegations were and orchestrated attack on the Prime Minister and the Labour Party

Muscat: ‘Four years of economic growth, investment are your guarantee of stable future’
Election 2017 24-05

In Paola, Labour leader Joseph Muscat insists that disgruntled voters should not abstain on Election Day

[WATCH] Busuttil’s dithering over IIP true risk to real estate sector, Muscat warns
Election 2017 24-05

Joseph Muscat plays down Malta Files as a 'storm in a teacup' • Recovering cancer patient says Salvu Mallia's insult to PM 'hurt me more than my cancer'

[WATCH] Nationalist Party launches manifesto for ‘socially just, corruption-free’ Malta
Election 2017 24-05

PN launches manifesto, also approved by the Partit Demokratiku, with over 500 proposals which the coalition is campaigning on

[WATCH] Election Chat | The Malta Files: what's the big deal?
Election 2017 24-05

What are the Malta Files, and what is the big debate about them? Stockbroker Paul Bonello and AD secretary-general Ralph Cassar discussed the issue

[WATCH] Alternattiva Demokratika wants national debate on religious inclusivity
Election 2017 24-05

AD is proposing a systematic educational programme to give further knowledge to students on gender equality, in light of the co-education system recently introduced

Despite election year, government finances still performing well, Labour says
Simon Busuttil accuses Joseph Muscat of threatening magistrate
AD proposes decriminalization of all drugs, legalisation of cannabis
Nationalist Party launches manifesto for a socially just Malta, free of corruption
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