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Russia: hundreds of fake Twitter accounts used to tweet about Brexit
World 15-11

419 fake Twitter accounts are belived to have been used 'divide society and destabilise politics' 

China sending envoy to North Korea after talks with Xi Jinping
World 15-11

A senior Chinese diplomat will be visiting the North on Friday, a week after Trump visited Beijing, as part of his Asian tour

Bundy made unauthorised entry in PBS chairman’s office to take minutes
National 15-11

Sacked PBS CEO John Bundy was asked to explain why he entered the office of chairman Tonio Portughese without permission to take out documents

[WATCH] Australia: PM calls for marriage equality by Christmas
World 15-11

After an 'overwhelming' 61.6% vote in favour of same-sex marriage, prime minister Malcolm Turnbull said that Australians had voted 'yes for fairness, yes for commitment, yes for love'

[WATCH] Zimbabwe: military seizes capital to 'target criminals'
World 15-11

The capital of Harare has temporarily been seized by military, with the aim of targeting criminals around president Mugabe

Mental disability to no longer remain a hurdle for Maltese citizenship
National 14-11

The Opposition said it woudl also be supporting the proposed amendment to the Citizenship Act

Most issues flagged by NAO addressed
National 14-11

The National Audit Office this evening presented the Speaker of the House with a report on follow-up audits carried out on a number of audits undertaken over the past few years

Elderly couple injured after being tied up by thief
Court & Police 14-11

Despite tying them up, the robber left the house empty-handed

Spinola Road development: Developer tells PAC he had no contact with Jason Azzopardi
National 14-11

Vincent Farrugia insisted he was not aware of any meetings with then minister Azzopardi and that he was the victim of the debacle, and not the people

Brussels sounds note of caution in midst of MEPs’ criticism in Malta rule of law debate
Europe 14-11

Austrian far-right MEP likens Malta to drug cartel TV series ‘Narcos’ in rule of law debate that also focuses on taxation and passport sale

Gozo hoteliers held onto manager’s pay over ‘lack of apology’
Court & Police 14-11

Court orders two Gozo hotel directors to pay sales manager over €3,000 in wages and bonuses which they held onto until the man apologises for causing a family offence

MEPs demand justice for Caruana Galizia in ‘rule of law’ debate [live-blog]
National 14-11

Follow our live-blog here: MEPs debate the rule of law in Malta in the aftermath of the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia

Court calls for better protection of journalists as sports correspondent's alleged attacker charged with stalking
Court & Police 14-11

A protection order in favour of a sports reporter was imposed as the court maintained that it was 'pointless' to hold days of mourning if one of them is killed, if protection was not provided to all journalists in the first place

Iraq: law could legalise marriage for children as young as nine
World 14-11

The proposal, said activists, would be 'catastrophic for women's rights'

[WATCH] PN leader Adrian Delia joins merrymaking graduates
National 14-11

From 'stat ta' fatt' to 'trapass', the PN leader delivered an impromptu speech as he joined University of Malta graduates who went to celebrate their success at the headquarters of the two major political parties

Woman cleared of selling counterfeit cigarettes after confession ruled inadmissible
Court & Police 14-11

The court noted the remaining evidence could still be submitted but without a proven connection between the accused and the cigarettes, there was nothing tying her to the crime

[WATCH] Aftermath of the Mosta whirlwind
National 14-11

In the wake of the Mosta whirlwind yesterday, MaltaToday photographer James Bianchi went to check out the damage it caused

[WATCH] Health ministry rolls out tattoo consultation but does Chris Fearne have one?
National 14-11

With more than 200 licensed tattoo parlours, the Health Ministry wants to introduce specialised training on health and safety for tattoo artists • MaltaToday also asked minister Chris Fearne whether he had a tattoo

Health Minister Chris Fearne on medicinal cannabis
President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca on children's policy
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