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Only 150 sixth form students studying foreign languages
National 18-07

Education minister: 'We must not allow language learners and teachers to become an endangered species'

Turkey holds six rights activists on charges of aiding terror group
World 18-07

A Turkish court ordered the formal arrest of Amnesty International’s Turkey director and five other human rights workers on charges of helping an armed terrorist organisation

Constitutional Court orders immediate release of man due to be extradited to Lithuania
Court & Police 18-07

Malta's highest court has ordered the immediate release of a man who was due to be extradited to Lithuania, after it found that being held in a Lithuanian prison would infringe his fundamental human rights

Judge orders retrial of VRT operator who admitted to falsifying certificates
Court & Police 18-07

The Court of Criminal Appeal has ordered the retrial of a man who was jailed for five years after pleading guilty to falsifying VRT certificates, because he had been led to believe that he would simply be given an extension to a suspended sentence

12-year wait for drug sentence merits reduction in punishment, Court of Criminal Appeal says
Court & Police 18-07

The Court of Criminal Appeal has slashed the sentences handed to a couple who were convicted of possession of heroin because it took 12 years for their case to be decided

‘Opportunist, megalomaniac’ Adrian Delia irks former MP Franco Debono
National 18-07

PN leadership hopeful Adrian Delia said Franco Debono was no longer relevant to the PN, so Debono spat back…

Architects flag potential abuse in proposed development notification order amendments
National 18-07

The Chamber of Architects has lamented on what it calls the Planning Authority’s ‘persistent ignoring of legal obligations’, speculating that PA was setting the way for unannounced development

Non-EU partners of Maltese nationals ‘face discrimination’ in residence permits
National 18-07

A Maltese man has flagged a discrepancy through which non-EU partners of Maltese nationals can obtain residence permits: 'It is discriminatory against my Colombian partner… just because I am Maltese'

Panama polemicist Mark Sammut and his Gibraltar company sued over copyright breach
Court & Police 18-07

University of Malta professor sues Panama Papers polemicist Mark Sammut and his Gibraltar publishing firm over intellectual property breach

Trump recertifies Iran deal, but threatens more sanctions
World 18-07

The United States said on Monday that Iran is continuing to comply with the terms of the nuclear deal that curbed Iran's nuclear programme in exchange for sanctions relief

Tsunami threat passes after 7.8 Russian quake
World 18-07

A powerful earthquake off Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula triggered a tsunami warning but the threat has now passed

Venezuela opposition calls for nationwide strike against Maduro
World 18-07

Venezuela's opposition has called for a 24-hour strike on Thursday in protest against President Nicolas Maduro's plans for a new constituent assembly

US healthcare reform collapses as two more Republicans oppose
World 18-07

Two more Republican senators have said they oppose their party's replacement for President Obama's health system, making it impossible for the bill to pass in its current form

Cycling: Malta’s great uphill struggle | Jim Wightman
Interview 18-07

On paper, Malta should be as ideal for cycling as any city in the Netherlands. In practice, however, our rate of bicycle-usage remains among the lowest in Europe. Jim Wightman, of the Bicycle Advocacy Group, makes the case for a safer environment in which bicycles may provide a practical alternative to the all-powerful motorcar

‘Free’ water to businesses totals 212 million bottles of water
National 18-07

‘Free’ borehole extraction is allowing commercial owners to extract as much as 212 million bottlers of mineral water from the ground

Simon Busuttil decries ‘total collapse in rule of law’
National 17-07

Simon Busuttil warns of 'total collapse in rule of law' after ex-FIAU official says police had failed to register reports that had implicated Keith Schembri

Man injured after falling down spiral staircase
Court & Police 17-07

A 52-year-old man suffered grievous injuries after he fell down a spiral staircase

Negotiations for Fekruna Bay expropriation left unrecorded, audit finds
National 17-07

Land swap deal for plot of land at Fekruna Bay, Xemxija had been sealed days prior to the 2013 general election

New drink-driving campaign targets sea vessel drivers
Michelle Muscat begins charity swim
Brie and Bacon Salad
12 cases of abuse on minors reported to Church commission
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