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[WATCH] €150 million plant to be opened by 2023: location still unknown
National 15-09

The waste-to-energy plant, to be completed by 2023, will incinerate non-recyclable materials and withdraw electrical energy from the fumes emitted

Man suffers grievous injuries after being run over in Qormi
Court & Police 15-09

The San Pawl il-Bahar resident is undergoing treatment in Mater Dei.

Government sets up national blockchain strategy taskforce
National 15-09

Taskforce will advise government on roadmap towards implementing a national blockchain strategy which remains a top priority for the government

[WATCH] ‘Killer dogs’ on the loose in Msida have residents in fear
Court & Police 15-09

CCTV footage of fox terrier pack given to police shows dogs let loose at night, climbing on cars • residents say dogs are mauling cats

NASA: Cassini spacecraft falls silent after plunge towards Saturn
World 15-09

One of the most successful space missions launched by NASA has come to an end, making the spacecraft the first ever man-made object to pass between Saturn and its rings

Father and son acquitted of conspiracy to import millions of contraband cigarettes
Court & Police 15-09

Arthur Ciancio found guilty of forgery and fabricating documents after describing the cargo as ‘toys’

Adrian Delia: ‘limited assurance engagement’ shows €1.6 million net worth
National 15-09

PN leadership hopeful Adrian Delia has presented an audit of his assets and liabilities, saying that if elected he would divest himself of business interests in ‘months’

Grocer charged with money laundering over cheque-cashing service
Court & Police 15-09

The accused would use his grocery store in Sliema to cash cheques from third parties, charging a commission, before depositing the amounts in his shop till, mixed with the day’s takings

UN: Global hunger rising with conflicts
World 15-09

UN agencies warn that climate change and conflicts are undermining food security and causing undernourishment, with world hunger rising for the first time in 100 years

Man refuses to pay bail deposit: 'I go to the Italian embassy'
Court & Police 15-09

A recalcitrant Italian man charged with assaulting a police officer, left the courtroom in handcuffs this morning after arrogantly refusing to pay his bail deposit

Transfer of LSAs leads to trade dispute at Zabbar’s kindergarten
National 15-09

The Malta Union of Teachers has accused the Secretariat for Catholic Education of hiding its mismanagement issues by transferring personnel

Man hit by car in Haz-Zabbar
Court & Police 15-09

A man suffered grievous injuries after he was hit by a car in Misrah San Nikola

72% of pre-primary education pupils enrolled in state schools
National 15-09

9,269 children attend pre-primary education whilst 4,037 toddlers were enrolled in formal childcare

[WATCH] Delia’s publication of tax returns on election eve ‘too little too late’ says Said
National 15-09

Combative Chris Said says Adrian Delia lacked transparency on tax returns and how he plans to assume parliamentary seat 

Updated | London attack: Explosion on Parsons Green tube being treated as 'terrorist incident'
World 15-09

The 'detonation of an improvised explosive device' has injured commuters, sowed panic and disrupted service on a crowded District line train in Southwest London

Bangladesh hospital at breaking point with Rohingya victims
World 15-09

Following the exodus of over 370,000 Rohingya, many of which are women and children, a hospital in Bangladesh, serving as their 'life line' is beyond capacity

Over 100 escaped British Virgin Islands prisoners re-captured
World 15-09

Local police were joined by Royal Marines in operation to restore law and order to islands in the wake of Hurricane Irma

North Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan
World 15-09

Launch of 'intermediate-range ballistic missile' comes just one day after threats to Japan and the US following new sanctions

25th edition of the Malta International Airshow
The second flamingo was found in Marsaskala
'Do not refuse your husband sex'
Like Muscat’s, Delia’s maiden speech recalls own youth
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