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Unemployment falls by 1,200 people in April
National 22-05

In April, the number of persons registering for work stood at 2,577 compared to 3,751 a year prior

Political ‘rivals’ in Malta Files: ‘I will defend them as well’, Muscat says
National 22-05

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says Malta Files attacking Malta’s tax competitiveness, but no illegalities or wrongdoing found

Updated | Prime Minister to ask Auditor General to reopen BWSC investigation
National 22-05

An internal 2007 memo shows Enemalta’s chief technical officer saying BWSC’s technology, although cheap, was suitable 'only for Africa'

[WATCH] PN in government would not retain MFSA chief Joe Bannister
Election 2017 22-05

A PN government will not reappoint Joe Bannister as chairperson of the Malta Financial Services Authority, leader Simon Busuttil has confirmed

NGOs call for Constitutional reform in the face of national crisis on governance
National 22-05

Malta’s educational institutions have failed to create a nation that actively questions, and expects better of its ministers and parliamentarians – NGOs

Indonesian police arrest 141 men over 'gay sex party'
World 22-05

Indonesian police have arrested 141 men attending what they called a ‘gay sex party’ at a sauna in the capital Jakarta late on Sunday

Reformists sweep Tehran municipal vote as Rouhani wins Iran election
World 22-05

Iran's re-elected moderate President Hassan Rouhani has received a further boost after reformists won key council elections in the capital, Tehran

Trump visits Jerusalem to seek paths to Israeli-Palestinian peace
World 22-05

US President Donald Trump is to visit Jerusalem on Monday to seek ways to achieve Israeli-Palestinian peace

North Korea declares medium-range missile ready for deployment
World 22-05

North Korea on Monday declared its medium-range missile ready for deployment after a weekend test

[WATCH] This is character assassination, not journalism | Chris Cardona
Interview 22-05

Economy Minister and PL deputy leader Chris Cardona argues that a ‘smokescreen of lies’, conjured by a ‘coalition of confusion’, has now reached a national breaking point

MaltaToday Survey | Labour still leads by four points, Muscat trust steady
Data & Surveys 22-05

Latest results remove last week's swing to the PN, and after removing undecided voters and non-voters would give Labour 51.9%, the PN 47.3% and AD 0.8%

[WATCH] Sea lion drags girl into water
World 21-05

A young girl is seen being snatched into the murky waters  of Steveston Harbour by a sea lion

[WATCH] 'Coalition of confusion will endanger your jobs, investment' Muscat tells thousands
Election 2017 21-05

Joseph Muscat on Panama Papers: ‘I have paid the political price and for this I shoulder responsibility. I will prove to you that I have learned from our mistakes’

Briguglio: We need gentle politicians, not bullies
Election 2017 21-05

The civil society activist insisted Simon Busuttil was a man of integrity who was the only person that could bring normality back to the country

[WATCH] PN’s former international secretary urges country to vote for Joseph Muscat
Election 2017 21-05

Lawyer John Bonello, who for years served within the Nationalist party’s executive, urges electorate to vote PL: ‘Busuttil’s party is much worse than Gonzi’s. Instead of renewing the party, Busuttil opted for a divisive mentality’

[WATCH] Busuttil: 'Only someone new can clear Malta’s name'
Election 2017 21-05

Addressing party faithful at a mass meeting in Zabbar, the Nationalist Party leader insisted that the present government does not have the moral authority to defend Malta against false allegations

Argument leaves two men injured
Court & Police 21-05

Both were certified as having sustained grievous injuries

Two injured as minibus overturns in traffic accident
Court & Police 21-05

The injuries were not believed to be of serious nature

Despite election year, government finances still performing well, Labour says
Simon Busuttil accuses Joseph Muscat of threatening magistrate
AD proposes decriminalization of all drugs, legalisation of cannabis
Nationalist Party launches manifesto for a socially just Malta, free of corruption
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