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Gozo minister warns Salvu Mallia's 'rude' comments will consign PN to electoral defeat
Budget 2017 31-10

Gozo minister Anton Refalo warns rude comments by Salvu Mallia will help consign PN to another defeat at the p...
Labour’s Gozo airstrip pledge ‘has vanished into thin air’, MP warns
Budget 2017 31-10

Opposition MP Chris Said calls out government for failing to build an airstrip in Gozo, warns employment schem...
Updated | €310 million raised in IIP scheme till end of September
National 31-10

Justice minister Owen Bonnici says that the Individual Investor Programme (IIP) had raised €310 million t...
PBS employing former One employees in bid to control news reporting – Puli
Budget 2017 31-10

Opposition MP Clyde Puli accuses PBS of bias and lack of judgement in its news coverage and reports; questions...
Education system not preparing children for life – Evarist Bartolo
Budget 2017 28-10

Minister for education says system is not preparing students for challenges that they will encounter at work a...
PN MP calls for enactment of laws preventing and combating sports corruption
Budget 2017 28-10

Nationalist MP David Agius calls for legislation on sports commercialisation; urges government to initiate dia...
Joseph Muscat praises Konrad Mizzi for ‘positive delivery’ in energy sector
Budget 2017 28-10

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat hails minister Konrad Mizzi for overseeing shift from 'prehistoric' to mo...
Updated | ‘We are at the most exciting part of our roadmap’ – Konrad Mizzi
Budget 2017 28-10

Minister Konrad Mizzi says Malta cannot rely solely on BWSC power station and interconnector as electricity so...
Busuttil questions who hospitals have been privatised to, warns democracy has regressed
Budget 2017 28-10

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil questions identity of people behind Vitalis Global Healthcare, warns LNG powe...
George Vella: Russian ships will not refuel in Malta
Budget 2017 27-10

Foreign affairs minister says that the Malta will play no part in the atrocities committed by Russia in Syria
Opposition: Government has disrupted disciplined forces’ chain of command
Budget 2017 27-10

Shadow minister for Home Affairs accuses government of politicising disciplined forces and concentrating ...
Updated | Opposition MP tears into hospital contracts: ‘Scandalous with amateur mistakes’
Budget 2017 27-10

Opposition MP Claudette Buttigieg accuses former minister Konrad Mizzi of 'selling Malta's health serv...
Former housing chief: Budget 2017 schemes will inflate property prices
Budget 2017 27-10

Albert Buttigieg warns that tax-evading landlords would in all likelihood compensate for their new tax burden ...
Government has achieved social cohesion – Michael Farrugia
Budget 2017 26-10

Minster for family and social solidarity says that the government has achieved social cohesion through its abi...
EU presidency: Muscat says Malta has no problem with Council over Panamagate
Europe 26-10

Joseph Muscat on Dissett: Louis Grech to lead talks with social partners over increase in minimum wage