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[WATCH] Scicluna says ‘trust the market’ on Malta’s rising rental prices
Budget 2018 20-09

Maltese finance minister Edward Scicluna rules out government intervention as rental prices soar

Muscat on rents: Market players ‘short-sighted in their approach’
Budget 2018 14-09

Budget 2018 is about implementing electoral pledges, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat tells developers
Bicycle NGO says budget 2018 requests are now ‘non-negotiable’
Budget 2018 13-09

Local bicycle NGO presents their their main aim being to 'reduce traffic concerns and increase bicycle com...
130 proposals in MCESD's pre-budget document
Budget 2018 11-09

Finance Minister pledges 'social investment' that will see the deficiencies in social housing being ad...
Scicluna: ‘I promised I’d give Gozo more importance than I have in the past’
Budget 2018 07-09

The finance minister held a public consultation meeting in Gozo ahead of next month’s budget where he em...
Partit Demokratiku stands for equity: demands for the next budget
Budget 2018 07-09

The Partit Demokratiku's demands for the forthcoming budget include equity, intolerance of discrimina...
Chamber: Government departments working half days during summer months ‘unacceptable’
Budget 2018 04-09

With the economy running at an ‘advanced pace’ businesses could not afford not to have uninterrupt...
Paying workers double on Sundays, triple on public holidays must be a legal obligation
Budget 2018 04-09

GWU wants to force employers pay workers double on Sundays, triple on public holidays
GWU and NGOs oppose MEA proposal for unpaid first day of sick leave
National 26-08

Workers’ representative says proposal will lead to abuse of workers
Update 2 | Employers manage to infuriate unions with ‘waiting day’ proposal
National 25-08

One after the other, workers’ representatives denounced the Malta Employers Association for proposing th...
Employers ‘concerned’ by potential effect of marijuana legalisation on the workplace
Budget 2018 24-08

The Malta Employers Association called on the government to introduce 'a waiting day' which would make...
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