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Updated | ‘No conflicts of interest’ for Paceville masterplan consultants
Budget 2012 28-10

Parliamentary secretary Deborah Schembri denies PN MP Marthese Portelli's suggestions that consultants Mott MacDonald and Broadway Maylan could have had a conflict of interest when drafting a masterplan for Paceville

Government-guaranteed debt climbs to €1.2 billion in 2012
National 11-12

Education ministry found not to have reliable system to reconcile the actual refunds of overpaid Students’ M...
Government to give €3 million in grants to private independent schools
National 02-10

€1 million a year for private schools in grants for staff and technological upgrades.
Government exempts heirs from duty on documents
Budget 2012 21-05

All properties located within Urban Conservation Areas (UCAs) and Grade 1 and Grade 2 scheduled buildings exem...
Gonzi satisfied with Franco Debono's vote for government on Budget bill
National 09-05

Budget measures bill passes with support of backbencher Franco Debono, along with resolution for City Gate spe...
Europe Day, 1987 and St George Preca: Agius pays tribute to Nationalist legacy
National 09-05

Government whip David Agius pays tribute to 25 years of a Nationalist government as he fires back at the criti...
Fenech accuses Labour of ‘crocodile tears’ over €40 million budget cuts
National 09-05

Finance Minister Tonio Fenech served up a spirited defence of his budget, accusing the Opposition of failing t...
IMF report ‘certification’ of economy’s strong recovery – Tonio Fenech
National 08-05

Finance Minister says banking contributions to depositors' compensation scheme will be increased.
Budget Speech translation awarded to Prime Minister’s son
National 08-05

Finance ministry’s €3,000 direct order to David Gonzi’s translation firm for 2012 budget speech.
Fearing he will be made Gonzi’s scapegoat, Franco Debono mulls abstention
National 02-05

Nationalist MP wary of provoking early elections on 9 May budget vote.
Tonio Fenech insists €40 million budget cuts are only precautionary
National 06-02

Finance Minister says budget cuts will only be implemented if deficit-reduction target is not met by middle of...
Government deficit for last quarter 2011 at €41 million
Budget 2012 13-01

In the third quarter of 2011, the General Government account registered a shortfall of €41 million.
Government ignored EC warning, and had to resort to ‘austerity cuts’ - Labour
National 12-01

Labour says government cutting €40 million in spending cut to freeze public sector jobs, salaries and progra...
Budget 2012 | Fenech awaits Commission's pronouncement on  'fiscal surveillance'
National 11-01

Amid growing uncertainty on whether Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi still has a parliamentary majority, the Euro...
Labour accuses government of 'political opportunism' over Budget 2012 shortfall
National 11-01

Labour accuses government of ‘political opportunism’ over Budget 2012, claiming it knew that announced mea...
18,000 to receive increased children’s allowance
National 06-01

Some 18,000 families will receive an increased children’s allowance of €350 for every child, as was announ...