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Government architect to evaluate property only on suspicion of abuse
Budget 2014 11-11

End of system where all property sales had to be followed-up by inspection from government architect to confirm value of house

[WATCH] 15% reduced tax rate on rental income comes into force
Budget 2014 30-10

Owners of property encouraged to declare income by paying 15% tax rate while those who persist in avoiding tax...
Government says Budget measures are yielding the desired outcome
Budget 2014 10-06

Recent data by NSO shows families are likely to invest more when compared to last year.
Finance Ministry ‘reasserts commitment’ to deliver 2014 budget
Budget 2014 15-04

Government remains committed to deliver on all 2014 budget measures, Finance Ministry says.
Reduced tax rates exclude income from dividends
Budget 2014 14-04

People receiving dividends from publicly listed shares will not be eligible for tax cuts announced in the last...
Backtrack on government architects
National 13-04

Government decides at committee stage to exclude rental of commercial property from a 15% final withholding ta...
Increasing excise duty to address legislative loopholes
Budget 2014 11-04

Finance Minister accuses Opposition of ‘defending tax evasion by obstructing amendments to close tax loo...
Updated | 'Government increasing taxes halfway through the year' - Fenech
National 09-04

Edward Scicluna withdraws proposed amendment to increase excise duty on cigarettes, but increases tax on cemen...
Footballers tax ‘discriminating against other sports’ – Fenech
National 09-04

A 7.5% income tax rate applicable only to footballers introduced ‘to curb abuse’, finance minister...
Government-guaranteed debt climbs to €1.2 billion in 2012
National 11-12

Education ministry found not to have reliable system to reconcile the actual refunds of overpaid Students’ M...
Libyan CEOs of Malta companies got tax break in 2013
Budget 2014 02-12

Finance minister gave ministerial decree in February 2013 giving Libyan chief executives a tax break in 2013
Deficit down by €37 million as at October 2013
Budget 2014 29-11

In the first ten months this year, the shortfall between recurrent revenue and total expenditure of Central Go...
EU funds to be redirected to three educational projects
Budget 2014 25-11

Education and energy among government’s priorities for upcoming EU financial framework covering 2014-2020.
Disabled children’s allowance not substantial enough, says AD
Budget 2014 22-11

Greens say cost of mobility equipment, educational resources and related services facing parents with expenses...
Fourteen submissions for Gozo cruise liner terminal
Budget 2014 22-11

Hondoq ir-Rummien ruled out for siting of cruise liner terminal
EU says Malta has taken measures to address deficit, debt levels
Budget 2014 22-11

EU finance ministers scrutinise each others’ government budgets for the first time ever.