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Customs seize 66kg of chewing tobacco
Court & Police 08:56

Customs officials have seized 65.9 kilograms of snus at the express freight section

MP calls for revision of law following Dorianne Camilleri's imprisonment
National 21:25

Nationalist MP Antoine Borg says that legislation should be revised to either reduce minimum prison sentence t...
Iklin shop held up by 'armed and hooded man'
Court & Police 20:35

Police are investigating reports of a hold-up at an Iklin shop, where an 'armed and hooded man' is all...
Updated | Regulator's €10,000 fine on Melita plc over inaction on cancellation requests confirmed on appeal
Court & Police 20:29

The Administrative Review Tribunal upheld a fine imposed on telephony and internet service provider Melita plc...
Man jailed for 14 months after traces of heroin were found in prison cell
Court & Police 14:58

A prison inmate has been jailed for 14 months after heroin traces were found in his prison cell in 2012
Reckless driver has licence suspended for eight days, fined €2,000
Court & Police 13:29

A man has been fined and had his driving licence temporarily revoked after he was found guilty of injuring fou...
Contractor charged with aggravated theft after being spotted towing stolen machinery
Court & Police 12:02

Police have accused a building contractor of stealing €4,000-worth of machinery after a tip-off led them ...
Pasqualino Cefai guilty of violent indecent assault
Court & Police 21-02

Pasqualino Cefai has been sentenced to three months in prison after his acquittal on charges of violent indece...
Man grievously injured after falling with scooter
Court & Police 20-02

Police still to establish what caused the driver to lose control of his scooter
583 mobiles reported stolen in last quarter of 2016
Court & Police 20-02

Data tabled in government shows that 488 persons were arraigned in court on theft charges in 2016 • All c...
Hotel TV theft earns man 13 month stretch in prison
Court & Police 20-02

The court ordered that the accused be imprisoned for 13 months – the minimum punishment for the charges ...
Updated | Ghadira collision leaves motorcyclist in hospital
Court & Police 20-02

A motorcyclist suffered grievous injuries after being involved in a traffic collision
Armed burglar makes off with cash from St Julian’s hold-up
Court & Police 20-02

A masked burglar wielding a knife has made off with a sum of money after holding up a St Julian's souvenir...
Court imposes June deadline in Paqpaqli crash case
Court & Police 20-02

A magistrate has fixed the dates for seven sittings in the criminal case over the 2015 Paqpali incident after ...
Caruana Galizia's drug dealing allegations about Gaffarena deemed ‘fair comment’
Court & Police 20-02

A libel suit filed by Mark Gaffarena against Daphne Caruana Galizia over her allegations that he might ha...
[WATCH] Man loses both legs in Msida car bomb attack
Court & Police 20-02

Romeo Bone, 40 of Floriana, was critically injured in the explosion • Five people were hospitalised suffe...