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Former Kerygma director Fr Charles Fenech guilty of attempted violent indecent assault
Court & Police 10-08

Three months' imprisonment, suspended for one year, for former Kerygma director Fr Charles Fenech for...
Alleged accomplice in woman's attempted burning loses bail appeal
Court & Police 10-08

The Court of Criminal Appeal has once again denied bail to Gavin Spagnol, who is accused of complicity in...
Mintoff Bland stabbing | Son says attacker ‘didn’t appear to be wounded’
Court & Police 09-08

Son of knife attack victim Yana Mintoff Bland told a court that the man accused of stabbing him and his mother...
Corradino inmate who lost kidney to lack of treatment administered meds a day late
Court & Police 09-08

The Correctional Manager at Corradino Correctional Facility admitted that an inmate who required anti-rejectio...
Girl, six years old, hospitalised after experiencing difficulties while swimming
Court & Police 09-08

A six-year-old girl has been hospitalised with grievous injuries after experiencing difficulties while swimmin...
Man grievously injured after falling from balcony
Court & Police 08-08

The man was doing construction work on a site in San Gwann
Drunk driver's road ban, €2,000 fine confirmed on appeal
Court & Police 08-08

The Court of Criminal Appeal has confirmed a €2,000 fine and six-month driving ban that had been handed t...
Appeals Court overturns arbiter's decision over Swieqi traffic accident
Court & Police 08-08

A motorist has been ordered to pay over €2,000 in damages after the Court of Appeal overturned a decision...
Court slams 'disrespectful' disregard of arrest warrant
Court & Police 08-08

A court has ordered the Commissioner of Police to explain why two people whose arrest it had ordered, had inst...
Man charged with importing 19,000 contraband cigarettes
Court & Police 08-08

A court has denied bail to a man who was arrested yesterday after he failed to declare the 19,000 cigaret...
Former Sliema councillor Patrick Pace cleared of bribery
Court & Police 07-08

Patrick Pace had been charged with allegedly accepting a total of €5,000 in bribes for his vote on counci...
Constitutional decision denies bail to jailed Luqa pimp
Court & Police 07-08

The man, who was jailed in 2012 for luring Eastern European girls into sex work and sell those who would refus...
Trio admit to stealing from car wash
Court & Police 07-08

Three people have been sentenced after they admitted to breaking into and stealing from an automatic car wash ...
Two deny assaulting police at Birzebbugia wedding
Court & Police 07-08

Two men have denied assaulting police officers and knocking one officer out cold at a wedding in Birzebbugia
Opportunistic thief who picked unconscious man's pockets gets suspended sentence
Court & Police 07-08

Bouncers at the nightclub had spotted the accused pilfering the mobile phone from the pockets of the...