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Police deny receiving information about bombs
Court & Police 19-10

Jason Galea told a court that explosives were stored in the victim's garage, and may even have been used i...
Witness heard 10-year-old boy pleading for mother's life in panicked phone call
Court & Police 18-10

‘I heard shouting in the distance and the boy shouting 'leave mum alone!,' the victim's sist...
Witness heard 10-year-old boy pleading for mother's life in panicked phone call
Court & Police 18-10

Alvin Pullicino, 26, and cousin Gavin Spagnol, 21, remain in custody after being arrested for allegedly pourin...
Four injured in Zejtun head-on crash
Court & Police 18-10

A 51-year-old woman is reportedly in a critical condition following an accident that in Triq il-President Anto...
Court dismisses €6,000 claim against ex-Central Bank deputy governor Alfred Mifsud
Court & Police 18-10

Alfred Mifsud was sued by his former partner Anna  Zelbst for two payments of €3,000 intended for th...
Man accused of taxi driver's murder claims three bombs are unaccounted for
Court & Police 18-10

Jason Galea told a court that explosive devices, stored in the victim's garage, may have been used in...
Malta Shipyards Ltd condemned to pay €38,000 in damages for workplace injury
Court & Police 17-10

The court ruled that the company had not taken sufficient precautions to protect workers
Magistrate abstains from Caruana Galizia murder inquiry on family request
Court & Police 17-10

Magistrate Consuelo Scerri Herrera, often in the crosshairs of the Caruana Galizia blog, steps down from ...
Updated | Caruana Galizia family requests abstention of inquiring magistrate in murder
Court & Police 16-10

Attorney General expected not to oppose family's request to have Magistrate Consuelo Scerri Herrera remove...
Drug addict jailed for six years over string of thefts
Court & Police 16-10

A man from Senglea has been jailed for six years for committing a spate of seven thefts in a four week pe...
Court dismisses Simon Busuttil’s libel suit over disproven allegations of official driver’s impropriety
Court & Police 16-10

Former PN leader loses libel suit as 2015 PL press release deemed to have been based on facts, but - in a sepa...
‘I swear upon the cross that I never received kickbacks’ Keith Schembri tells court
Court & Police 16-10

Simon Busuttil refuses to be drawn into stating in Court whether Keith Schembri is corrupt or not as Magistrat...
Motorcyclist seriously injured in Marsascala accident
Court & Police 16-10

The man, 38, sustained grievous injuries yesterday
How do you destroy half a ton of cannabis (without getting the whole country high)?
Court & Police 15-10

The unprecedented 550kg haul would have been impossible to store the usual way because of physical space limit...
Man accused of people trafficking as fishermen turn out to be tile layers
Court & Police 14-10

A man from Zejtun who misled the authorities by telling them that construction workers he had brought from Egy...