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Woman, 42, grievously injured in construction site fall
Court & Police 31-07

A woman from Mgarr was rushed to Mater Dei Hospital after falling a height of one storey at a construction sit...
Gozitan facing slow death in prison after kidney treatment wasn't administered
Court & Police 31-07

The man filed a judicial protest this morning arguing that the situation was ‘illegal and a violation of...
German woman fined €4,000 for injuring police officer
Court & Police 31-07

A policewoman suffered bruises as she was trying to arrest a German woman in Paceville on Saturday night
Ghajnsielem apartment search yields drugs
Court & Police 29-07

Two UK citizens arrested in Gozo after drugs were found in an apartment during a police search
Motorcyclist, passenger injured in Attard traffic accident
Court & Police 29-07

A traffic accident in Attard left two persons, aged 22 and 26, injured
Son attacks father with knife in early morning argument
Court & Police 29-07

A 27-year-old man is being held by the police following an argument inside a residence
Fishing boat captain accused of punching sailor for making a mistake
Court & Police 28-07

A fishing boat captain has been released on bail after he was charged with grievously injuring a sailor
Mother recalls how men tried to burn her alive in harrowing testimony
Court & Police 28-07

A young mother has relived from the witness stand a horrific incident in which two men allegedly tried to burn...
Police investigations launched into allegations of Gozo tenders irregularities
Court & Police 28-07

The allegations date back to 2004 but the first report was filed in November 2013 • Investigation kicked ...
Qala man dies after falling off balcony
Court & Police 27-07

He fell after balustrades on the balcony he was standing on gave way
Mintoff Bland stabbing: No charges for Yana because inspector ‘morally convinced’ she was innocent
Court & Police 27-07

A police inspector has told the court that Mintoff Bland was not charged over partner's stabbing because h...
Driver faces 400 hours community service, €5,000 fine for 2010 fatal accident
Court & Police 27-07

Motorist condemned to pay €5,000 fine, 400 hours of community service for traffic accident in which motor...
Insulting text message costs woman €5,000
Court & Police 27-07

Woman slapped with €5,000 fine for sending insulting text message to lawyer
Pickpocketing on the rise again, court is told
Court & Police 27-07

The court sentenced the woman to six months imprisonment, suspended for two years.
ARMS call centre con artist took €15,000 from clients ‘to hide' bills
Court & Police 27-07

Inspector Xuereb explained to the court that the woman had conned six families out of a total of €15,007