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MaltaToday acquitted in criminal libel over Frans Sammut obituary
Court & Police 24-07

MaltaToday Managing editor, obituary writer acquitted of criminal libel in complaint filed by Frans Sammu...
Man suffers grievous injuries after falling on rocks at St Thomas Bay
Court & Police 24-07

A man was grievously injured yesterday evening after he slipped and fell on the rocks at St Thomas Bay, Marsas...
Obsessed man scaled a wall to get into ex girlfriend's house, court told
Court & Police 22-07

Court hears how man had ignored restraining order and scaled a wall to enter his ex-girlfriend's house thr...
Drug trafficker handed 13 year sentence, €30,000 fine after jury returns guilty verdict
Court & Police 22-07

Nigerian-born Ikechukwu Stephen Egbo, 39,  was found guilty by 7 votes to 2 of conspiring to im...
Woman admits to threatening wardens with a baseball bat
Court & Police 22-07

The 37-year-old mother allegedly suffers from a mental illness
No bail for man accused of petrol station thefts
Court & Police 21-07

A lawyer appearing for the unemployed man said the accused had to take care of his elderly mother who had rece...
California resident admits to threatening guest at 5-star hotel in drunken disturbance
Court & Police 21-07

Although the events which led to his arrest were not elaborated on in court, the man was accused of slightly a...
Egrant whistleblower to be arrested after courtroom no-show
Court & Police 21-07

The woman will appear before the court under arrest in the next sitting in August
Youths' catamaran lark lands them in the dock
Court & Police 21-07

Two stowaways who attempted to leave Malta by hiding on a catamaran bound for Sicily are to be repatriated to ...
Worker suffers grievous injuries in scaffolding fall
Court & Police 21-07

A 54-year-old Serbian worker suffered grievous injuries this morning when he fell a height of 1.5 metres from ...
Pair who evaded summons ten times are 'not Al-Baghdadi,' remarks court
Court & Police 21-07

The case has been repeatedly put off since February 2016 because the accused could not be served with their su...
Man suffers grievous injuries as car crash pushes stationary vehicle onto him
Court & Police 21-07

A man was hospitalised this morning after a traffic collision in Qormi pushed a stationary van forwa...
Ronnie Mackay jailed again for match-fixing, court demands harsher penalties
Court & Police 21-07

Match-fixer for under-21 Malta-Montenegro match gets two years’ jail, but Magistrate calls for increase ...
Cocaine trafficking trial by jury nears end
Court & Police 20-07

The trial by jury of Ikechukwu Stephen Egbo – accused of conspiring to pick up a drug mule carrying coca...
Man admits to assaulting ex-partner
Court & Police 20-07

A man is being held in custody awaiting his sentence after he admitted earlier today to having physi...